Red, White and Martini

When I moved back to Birmingham from Los Angeles, I vowed I would spend more time exploring the things that my hometown had to offer. It’s so easy to say that there is nothing to do in Birmingham and complain (ESPECIALLY if you’ve lived in L.A. – The 2 cities are slightly different). Lately, Birmingham … [Read more…]

Max Time

Long Fridays should be illegal. 2 months ago I decided to start working only ½ days on Fridays. And, to be honest (because who likes a blogger that embellishes?), I’ve been fairly successful at sticking to that decision. When you are in a field like mine, your down time becomes more precious than you ever … [Read more…]

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

You know it’s been a long day when your cell phone battery is dead before 3pm! My brain is quickly becoming a gray mass of vacation slush. By Friday, I’ll be useless. Next week I’m visiting Biloxi, MS for the first time. I’m pretty sure I was there at some point during my childhood, but … [Read more…]

What happens in Vegas…

When you’re a baby runner such as myself, you brag about your runs on Facebook with posts like “Just finished a run and I feel great!” mainly to make yourself feel better about being a baby runner. You run the occasional 5K and think very highly of yourself as a result. You talk a big … [Read more…]