I didn’t catch the travel bug until I was almost 30. I wish I’d caught it sooner. Traveling has become a huge hobby, and I love seeing corners of the Earth that only the brave few have dared to seek out. The world is round, not flat, my friends. Treat it as so.

Below are some of the places we’ve been and my thoughts on them:

United States

  1. California Wine Country (Road Trip through Napa, Mendocino, Monterey & Carmel) – Parts One, Two & Three
  2. Charleston, SC
  3. Georgia – Blue Ridge Mtns, GA (Sautee Nacoochee & Helen)
  4. Louisiana – New Orleans, LA
  5. South Dakota – Mt Rushmore (Road Trip from Birmingham, AL to South Dakota) – Parts One, Two, Three & Four
  6. Tennessee – Chattanooga, TN
  7. Texas – Marfa, TX (Road trip from Birmingham, AL to Gruene, Marfa & Austin) – Parts One, Two & Three

Argentina – Coming Soon!

Belize – Parts One, Two & Three

Ireland – Parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five & Six

Taiwan  – Parts One, Two, Three & Four