1 “M” and an “I”

We all want to feel special in some way. This is it for me. This blog is an opportunity to share things from my tiny corner of the world. The randomness that is my life. To post sentence fragments and not be punished for it. It’s a chance to speak about the things that I find hilarious, fun, intriguing, infuriating, delightful and delicious. It’s also an opportunity for me to be extremely girly and indulge in the items that most people would roll their eyes at. I don’t assume that anyone will find it interesting, but hope that someone will read it and find something worth hanging on to.

About me:

Tami, 37, Birmingham, Alabama. Small town girl moves to Los Angeles, CA, meets a charming young man, stuffs him into her suitcase and drags him back to Alabama, where they marry and live happily ever after (We all love a good fairy tale, right?). I live for chocolate, travel, fashion mags, tacos, real estate, margaritas, karaoke and shopping. I obsess over EVERYTHING… and can’t sleep past 6am. I work more than I’d like to admit, but vow to block time to share thoughts and passions with you fine folks…