Simplify Simplify Simplify

Let’s travel back to high school, shall we? One of my favorite memories is that of a project we did surrounding Thoreau’s Walden. If you’ve not read it, go do so now please. I plan to order it right after I finish this post.

Life has been complicated lately. Actually, let’s scratch that. Life has been unforgiving lately. I’m struggling to find time for myself, which has essentially left me struggling to find my identity. Business and work bleed into my family and personal time, leaving me bitter and jaded.

I ran into my 12th grade AP English teacher recently and was reminded of Walden. Simplicity is what I long for these days; The ability to focus on what’s most important, and either discard or compartmentalize the rest. I find myself struggling to draw boundaries.

I hit a pretty low point in July as my anxiety rose to a level I’d never seen before. So, I took the month of August off Social Media. I used the time to pray, read, and reflect. And something happened during that time away. Something changed within me that has resulted with me being at peace with not pleasing everyone; with me knowing that being selfish with my time is actually a form of self-care – something that us people-pleasers struggle with… With me acknowledging that it’s ok to focus on my sanity, my family, and my passions in addition to my career – and that they don’t all need to merge into one. They can be separate. And, I can be happy. Calm. Fulfilled.

Life can be simple.

That being said, I’m turning over a new leaf with this blog. I’m updating my personal Instagram to focus on things that make me happy, and I’m using this platform to share the stories behind that, as well as the things, places and thoughts that inspire me.

If you’ve not followed along before, I encourage you to do so. Life is a journey, and I firmly believe that we are inspired by the lives and courage of others. You can find me on Instagram as @tamihallman, or just stick with me here.

Thanks, friends. 😉


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