Second Trimester Preg Update

Week 18

I took my first prenatal yoga class last night. Holy cow, that was relaxing! The yoga studio even gave me a free gift bag, complete with instructions on creating your own belly cast. For anyone who’s wondering, I won’t be doing that, but I’ll definitely be back for more yoga.

One thing about the yoga that I’m not quite on board with yet is the entire class humming, “Ohm” at the end. After I realized everyone else was doing it, I figured I’d join in… Just in time for everyone else to stop and leave me still humming loudly. I’m now googling what Ohm means and why.

Week 18 Day 4
Some days I don’t feel pregnant at all. This morning, I felt 100% not pregnant. Then I peed 3 times in an hour and was reminded that I have a baby on my bladder.

Week 18 Day 6
Today, the one bra I have that still fits snapped in two. If anyone needs me, I’ll be the braless lady driving to Victoria’s Secret. #pregnancyprobs???

Week 19
Per the doctor, my iron is low. In other news, I got to see the baby today and they sent me home with a free t-shirt.

Week 19 Day 2
A client this week told me that I don’t look pregnant. I could have kissed them. I’ve gained 10 lbs so far and feel ginormous.

Week 20
Halfway there!!! Working on increasing iron naturally, due to the iron supplements making me dizzy.

I’ve tried twice now to create a registry and just end up overwhelmed. According to Buy Buy Baby, this tiny human needs more in the first 3 months than I’ve needed my whole life. I spend my evenings slowly pecking away at it, adding things here and there. Can I just ask everyone to give me a gift card?

Week 20 Day 2
People keep asking if I can feel her yet. I mean, I guess. When I go to bed at night, I think I feel this weird rolling feeling in my stomach. That’s about it. But don’t you worry, complete-strangers-who-ask-random-questions, I promise to let YOU know when the big things happen.

Week 20 Day 5
I felt Taco move today for the first time, and I could not stop crying. She’s really in there, y’all. I’m going to be a mom!!

Week 22

I’m losing hair. Not clumps, but enough to notice it in my brush. Is this normal?? The doctor said yes, but I need Google to reassure me.

Week 23

Let’s talk about the not-so-fun side effect of bleeding gums. I’m a flosser, and I pride myself in being a flosser. However, lately flossing has turned into a blood bath. Attractive, right? Between that and the hair loss, I’m really sexy these days… Like a bald, bloody, beer-bellied creature.

Week 24

6 months in! I feel so good, y’all. Working out regularly and completely focused on healthy eating. Just disregard the pastry I had today. And the tacos I plan on having tomorrow. K?

We leave next week for our West Coast baby shower. I’m so excited to celebrate with friends and family!

More to come! Feel free to chime in with your pregnancy side effects and weird experiences. I’d love to know I’m not alone!


Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!