Preg Update 2

Because I know some of you may be enjoying these, here’s a quick recap of where we are so far!

Week 13 Day 5

Everything I read says that the constant peeing gets a little better in the 2nd trimester. I doubt that. I’m wondering if I’ll ever be able to sit through an entire movie again.

A nurse called this week to remind me that I’d need to start sleeping on my side soon so as not to constrict blood flow to the baby. Mario and I refer to my normal sleeping position as “the coffin” for a reason. I’ve never been a side-sleeper. Here goes nothin’…

Week 14

I’m never sleeping again, am I?

Week 14 Day 1

Today, I set foot inside Buy Buy Baby for the first time as an expectant mother. I was thinking it would be a good opportunity to browse and familiarize myself with the lay of the land. Wrong. I’ve never wanted out of somewhere so fast in my life.

I went in for a “Snoogle” and was told they were near the “Boppies”. Y’all, why must everything have some weird, made-up name? And once I found said Snoogle, there were 3 different kinds and an entire stock of decorative covers for them! After getting home and pulling the Snoogle (which is made by Google, btw) out of the packaging, I can’t understand why anyone would openly display this thing on their bed for the world to see, let alone purchase decorative covers for it. It’s a giant intestine… that you sleep on.
Here’s hoping my Snoogle solves the sleeping problem.

Week 14 Day 3
Last night my Snoogle fell off the bed and took me with it.

Week 14 Day 5
No improvement, and my nose is so congested now. I’m thinking of taking up nighttime hobbies. Night knitting, anyone?

Week 14 Day 6
We heard Taco’s heart again today. Going strong! The doctor gave me permission to resume sleep on my back until it was uncomfortable… As a bonus, she also told me I could take allergy meds. I celebrated with a donut.

Week 15
I took a Benedryl last night, threw the Snoogle off the bed, plopped myself on my back and woke up this morning feeling like Sleeping Beauty.  Hallelujah!!

Week 15 Day 1
When did Daycare get so fancy? The daycare I toured today had more options than my college.

Week 15 Day 3
At the end of every day, all I want to do is take my bra off and change into my Pregasaurus pajamas.

Also, can we talk about what I’m assuming is round ligament pain? Good lord. You people didn’t tell me that it would be ridiculous! If it’s this bad at week 15, I’m nervous about what’s to come…

Week 16 Day 1
Today, we interviewed a doula. And, I have to say that she has me feeling much more at ease over the delivery day… that’s 6 months away, but who’s counting? Still on the fence as to whether I want to go natural or not. The Ginger in me wants to be a fighter and go for it, but the skinny white girl in me thinks I should just take whatever drugs they’re offering and go on a badass, loopy ride. I need to do more research on both.

Week 16 Day 3
Baby brain may have kicked in. We booked a beach trip months ago and drove 5 hrs today only to realize that the reservation is for tomorrow. I win best wife award for this one, I’m sure.

Week 16 Day 4
I swam for the first time in years today. And it felt so weird with the baby in my belly. I also sported a bikini and let the world see the giant Buddha belly that I’m sporting. I don’t think Buddha’s belly was this white, though. I love the beach in winter!

Week 17 Day 1
According to my weight gain chart, I’m a pound heavier than I should be this week. The formerly overweight version of myself and my OCD side are freaking out over this. I’m blaming the beach trip.

Week 17 Day 4
Public Gender Reveal coming this wk! Nursery is being painted and we’re in full nesting mode. The baby is the size of my least favorite food: an onion.

Mario has started talking to Taco. I’ve serenaded it with my musical stylings on the daily.

Blog post that goes into detail on how I knew the sex long before the pregnancy coming up next!


Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!