Something to Taco-bout

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 my life changed in the most amazing way. Headed to my last appt of the day, I pulled over to take the call. The voice on the other end of the phone spit out a bunch of numbers and test results and then said, “Congratulations, you’re pregnant.”

I couldn’t fight the tears. They just kept coming and coming. The last 4 years of trying for a child and the last 9 months of putting my body through every test and procedure possible, and we were finally here, getting to hear the words that we dreamed of hearing. It felt like a dream that I’d wake up from at any second. I still worry that when I go to sleep at night I’ll wake up in the morning to find that this was all a crazy-good dream.

Second only to the day Mario proposed, this day would be one I’d remember forever. The day I learned that I had a baby growing inside me. That we were going to be parents.

Not being able to tell anyone for months made me crazy. So, I decided a fun way to keep myself entertained & keep track of this experience and the memories that go along with it would be a play-by-play, per se. So, for you fine folks, I’ve been keeping thoughts and things that have popped up over the last 13.5 wks. I hope you enjoy following along!

Week 5

I keep reading that my boobs should be sore and that I should feel nauseous. I feel nothing, other than thirsty, bloated and impatient. Oh, and happy. Very happy. 😊 We refer to the baby as “Taco” and I added that name to my pregnancy app, so that it does too. Little Taco is the size of a dot snail this wk. Google it. It’s cute.

Week 5 Day 4

Remember when I said I didn’t have sore boobs? I take that back. They’re here, sore, and making sure I know it.

Week 5 Day 5

Word of the day: Bloated

Let’s try using it in a sentence (or two):

“Tami’s so bloated that none of her pants fit. She has to unbutton them when she sits down.”

I’ve taken the case to Google to find out whether this is normal or not. I can’t stop staring at how puffy my stomach is. Those abs I worked so hard for are slowly dying…

Week 6

We saw Taco’s heartbeat for the first time today. It was a tiny little twinkle on the screen. Like a star.

I didn’t cry, which is weird because I always thought I would cry during this moment. Maybe it was the fact that a vaginal ultrasound was taking place. Something about a vaginal ultrasound that makes you a little guarded, I guess. Call me crazy.

Either way, little Taco is measuring perfectly and I have no symptoms other than those pesky sore boobs. Starting to get impatient because I really want to share the news with family and friends.

Week 6 Day 2

This morning I woke up to new boobs. Non-surgical new boobs. And I did what anyone who has new boobs does – I stared at them for a good 15 min post shower, from every angle possible, and decided that today would be a good day.

Week 6 Day 6

Confession time: I had Taco Bell for dinner tonight. That’s not really the healthy pregnancy I had in mind.

Week 7

Today, I got to see Taco and it’s tiny little heartbeat again. Pretty sure I could make out 2 tiny nubby fins for arms. It’s growing swimmingly! Current symptoms are still the boobs, but my body’s added a headache here and there to spice things up a bit.
I think I have my first craving, but I’m refusing to call it that. Now, someone be a dear and bring me some chili cheese tots with pickled jalapeños on top. K, thanks.

Week 7 Day 2

I’ve officially gained 2 lbs since becoming pregnant. I may be freaking out a little about this.

Week 8

My nose drips constantly. This is not cute.

Week 9

I pee. All the time.

Week 9 Day 4

I’ve nicknamed myself “Pee Pee Head”

Week 10

I get really excited about food these days. Like super excited. Today, it was chow mein, because for some reason I wanted noodles. The cravings are finally here, folks. My biggest craving is veggies. Mario walked in one afternoon to find me munching on broccoli. He looked at me like I was an alien. And, I made almond flour cookies tonight, but chased them with V8 juice. I know, ridiculous and slightly gross. But, I guess I’d rather crave vegetables than fast food.

We told my mother and grandmother 2 wks ago. They cried, we cried, and then I went home and ate carrots. It’s getting real.

This week, I saw Taco dancing in the ultrasound. Pretty sure I recognized the dance moves and they weren’t mine, thank God.

My stomach is rounding out some and abs are definitely gone. I need that belly to stay small for another few weeks so we can surprise the in-laws when we visit.

Week 10 Day 2

My abs make a guest appearance every morning and are gone by lunch. I feel like they’re laughing, saying, “Remember us???” Nice to know they’re still in there… somewhere.

10 Wks Day 4

I think I finally have a baby bump. I had 2 slices of pie today, so it’s hard to know for sure.

Week 11

Morning sickness is supposed to subside this wk. That means nothing to me, since I haven’t had any. I feel bad about it because I know other women have a hard time with morning sickness & food aversions, while I’m just hanging out over here enjoying my new boobs and eating vegetables. Then, Mario reminds me that I spent 4 years waiting and praying for this moment, while others can just look at a penis and get pregnant. Tied ball game?

11 Weeks Day 3

Watching my body adapt to this pregnancy is crazy. Aside from the giant boobs, my stomach is super bloated. Pants are ridiculously uncomfortable and I’ve started wearing my pj bottoms about two inches lower than usual, so that what can only be described as a giant gut can hang over the top.
I grew up with a horrible body image, so I’m hoping this adventure is an opportunity to love my body both big and small. After all, I’m making a tiny human in there! That’s freaking amazing! Right this minute, my baby is learning to swallow. And it has a sense of smell now. And fingernails! Tiny, ridiculously small fingernails!

It’s a miracle and one to be proud of… Hoping I adjust to these new love handles with grace.

Week 12

I made it to week 12! This feels like an accomplishment of sorts.

Big public announcement comes next wk! I’m ready for the world to know!

More headaches this week and that’s annoying. I finally managed a workout other than running or walking. It felt heavenly to sweat again!

Week 12 Day 1

Flying to California with the soul purpose of telling your in-laws that you are pregnant is fun. Flights over 2 hours when you HATE airplane bathrooms and are pregnant are not.

Week 13

The world now knows that I have a tiny human inside me! I’m free to roam around with my baby bump loud and proud! It actually looks like I just polished off a 6 pack at this point, but red hair don’t care – let’s get this show on the road! Bring on the maternity clothes and swollen feet!

Week 13 Day 3

Today, I cried because I burned a cake.

First Trimester Revelations:

  • Pregnancy hunger is completely different from regular hunger. before getting pregnant, I’d get a little hangry when I’d go too long without food. Now that little Taco is inside me, 2 minutes of hunger feels like two years. When hunger strikes, I need food, stat!
  • People LOVE to guess the sex of the baby. It’s like this weird thing. And they do it at awkward times. If I’m mentioned that I have a headache, someone will scream, “It’s a girl!” from the other room. Or, if I talk about having no morning sickness, a passerby will feel the need to raise their right hand and proclaim that I’m having a boy. Y’all need to chill with that. I’ll announce soon enough.
  • People act like there’s shame in purchasing maternity clothes this early on. I’m here to tell you that choosing to buy maternity pants was the best decision I’ve made in the last 3 months. Plus, shopping is fun, people. You’re pregnant – buy pregnant clothes.
  • I’m convinced that waking up every 2 hours to pee during the night is some sort of prep for not sleeping when the baby gets here.
  • Having friends and family celebrate something so wonderful with you truly is the best feeling, ever. I’m so grateful for those around us.









  1. Love every detail of this. I laughed and am smiling ear to ear for you. Rejoice, celebrate, be proud, shout it from the roof tops. I am so excited for. Hearing heartbeats are one of the best moments. They were my favorite appointments.

  2. This made me super-happy. And there’s no time too early to buy maternity clothes. If you wait until nothing fits, you’ll spend $100 on a pair of jeans that will make you feel super-frumpy and you’ll be grouchy. IT’S NOT THE TIME TO BE GROUCHY!

    PS I remember the morning after giving birth thinking, “My bladder is SO BIG. I will NEVER HAVE TO PEE AGAIN.”

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!