No Compromise


In trying to get back into the swing of working out and eating anything but donuts, this post has been rolling around in my head. I promised myself I’d write it, but then felt like a hypocrite because I was sacrificing certain goals of my life via excuses. However, it’s the 4th of May, I’ve had a margarita and I’m feeling frisky. Let’s dive into this topic du jour!

You guys will be happy to know that this post is not about infertility! I’ve got other things to obsess over! Yay! Hallelujah! Halle Berry!

One of my favorite writers is Jack Canfield. If you’ve not read his Success Principles, then you are missing out on a life-changing book that will propel you forward more than you ever imagined. I’ve read it 3 times… 😉 Jack, if you’re out there, call me!

One of my favorite Canfield quotes is that “99% is a bitch & 100% is a breeze.” That’s truth. It’s the difference between interest and commitment.

You see, being interested in something means you do it in your spare time, when life allows. Being COMMITTED to something means you have no excuses.

Think about things you’re committed to:

Brushing your teeth before bed, or first thing in the morning

Coffee before anything!

Visiting your grandmother on Saturdays

Church on Sundays

Showing up to work at a given hour

Not eating french fries without ketchup

Never passing up an opportunity to do the Cupid Shuffle

These are all commitments that some of you make and commitments that you don’t compromise on. So, all of those other things in your life that you do when merely convenient – those things are just interests. Those aren’t commitments. Commitments are things that we make happen no matter what is going on around us.

I can hear you all now: “But, but my life is just crazy and I don’t have time for anything these days…”


I’m calling you out. Stop saying you want something if you aren’t willing to commit to getting it. Stop blaming your shortcomings on lack of time, or circumstances.

If you’re wanting to get in the gym, you’ve got to do it daily. Want to get in the habit of reading the Bible? You’ll need to do it every day, not just when you have time. Serious about a certain career – set an alarm clock and work on said career like a business person would. It’s called time-blocking, people. And, I’ve learned that people will respect your sacred cows, whatever they may be. So, don’t be afraid to tell others that you have a commitment at a given hour. If they really want to see you, they’ll allow you to schedule accordingly.

Stop making “important” things merely interests. If they’re important, you find a way to make them commitments. And don’t look back. Your life will thank you.


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