1. Tiffany stone

    Well. Let me tell you. Anything is possible. I guess sonde we are airing it all out here… When I got the call that yet again, fertility didn’t work that month we were ready to move on to the shots. As the nurse and I were calling each other back and forth to get these insanely expensive shots to the correct pharmacy she says “oh, before you get these shots to bring home, take a pregnancy test and call me back with the results and I need to write them down. Bc if you are pregnant we would obviously need to know before getting the shots.” I reassured her there was no need to go get a test. She said “I know you’re not pregnant, but I have to write it down that you did take a test and also, it is impossible to have a baby with a 22 day egg. The egg would not be able to be fertilized at all, it would be a bad egg. I begin to tell her a weird symptom I had a week before and she reassures me there is still no way even a week earlier that I could ever be pregnant. So, I thought well I’ll just call her back later and tell her I did a test and it was negative. We hang up and C climbs into my lap to watch cartoons. And oh my heavens!!!! My chest started throbbing Bc he had just plopped himself in my lap. I immediately ran to the store and it was POSITIVE. I went in the next morning. And my 22 day “bad egg” is now 4 years old!! I hope this gives you some hope. I’ve been there. Much love.

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