1. Misty

    Praying for you sweet lady. I know all to well those feelings. I also know that in my case the Lord’s timing was perfect, in fact life saving. I have faith that his timing will be perfect for you as well. If at some point you would like a recommendation for a Dr, let me know. Love, hugs and prayers.

  2. Crystal Guardado

    You’re so beautiful! Thank you for letting that little fence down and sharing with us. It’s tough, I know. You, and your growing family, are added to our prayer list. God is good. God knows and God knows your heart. God also listens. Hugs to you today, everday, and bigger hugs a few extra days out of the month. Love you!

  3. Donna Wilson

    Tammy I will be praying for you and Mario. You need to talk to my daughter-in-law Mallory. She knows what you are going through. Its definitely an emotional roller coaster. Thanks for sharing. Love ya!

  4. Peggy

    You are a champ….gather the data, relax and when it’s time….you and your honey will have a spoiled little crossfit. Praying for you.

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