Taiwan Part 4

The smell of incense reminds me of a brief time during high school when I tried my hand at grunge fashion, but combined it with bell bottoms & sunflower prints, listening to Tracy Chapman, Soul Asylum & Counting Crows. I was a hot mess of soul-searching bad fashion.

When we entered the temple at Jiufen today, incense filled the air. The intricate details distracted me, and I missed most of what our guide had to say, completely obsessed with photographing every inch.

We walked out into the foggy streets and climbed the narrow stairs to a teahouse overlooking the old buildings perched along the hillside. “Artists like it here,” our guide said. I could see why. Although foggy today, the city is clearly a painter’s dream. It reminded me of Sausalito, or another Northern California coastal city, prone to its daily dose of fog.

Lunch at the teahouse was excellent. My food luck had turned around again and thank God for that! We spent the morning hiking through the rock formations at Yehliu and I needed the food for my second wind.

Following lunch, I found a tiny shop belonging to a photographer and bought some of his work before we made our way to Jiufen Old Street, where my claustrophobia kicked in as we fought crowds for tastes of fresh pineapple cake, Taiwanese sausage, mango shaved ice & bubble tea. So. Much. Food.

We drove through an abandoned mining town before heading back to Taipei City. I took 300 photos from beginning to end of the day. Below are a few of my favorites. 🙂

jiufen old street 5

Foggy view of a temple in Jiufen

jiufen 22 jiufen 23 jiufen 3 Jiufen 1


jiufen old street 2

Fresh Dumplings in Jiufen

jiiufen old street 1

Tea Leaves in Jiufen

jiufen 6 (2) jiufen 5

Yehliu 14

Yehliu Geopark

Yehliu 16 Yehliu 10 Yehliu 5


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  1. What an awesome trip. The pictures are amazing. I know this will be a trip you will never forget. Love you.

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