The Road to South Dakota Part 3 a.k.a Bucket List Item 26

I get such a rush out of knocking things off my Bucket List. Fellow list makers, can I get an “Amen!”?

As a child, you read about Mt Rushmore, and know it exists, but never really have an agenda to see it. If you live in the South, your vacations are spent going to Gulf Shores or the Florida Panhandle. In the fall, Tennessee is the destination of choice. Every now and then you’ll find folks who head to New Orleans throughout the year. But Rushmore? Never. I challenge each and every one of you to think outside the box for your next vacation. Do something different, for goodness sake.

When I started emptying my brain for the list of things to do and see before I left this beautiful planet, Mt Rushmore was just a fleeting thought that passed through and was gone. I added it to the list simply because I didn’t want to leave a stone unturned.

It still didn’t seem real after we arrived in South Dakota. I don’t think I realized that this was actually my life and not a dream induced after too much Benedryl until we rounded a curve on the mountainside and I squealed with excitement in seeing this:

rushmore (10)

This is, in fact, my life. And in this particular moment, my life is damn good.

rushmore (6)

rushmore (4)

rushmore (12)

rushmore (13)

Just another day at the job for these guys…

Following Rushmore, we headed to Crazy Horse. In my opinion, it was by far the better experience. The story behind it, and being able to see it in process – dear Lord, what an experience. While Mt Rushmore is tucked away amidst a national forest, Crazy Horse towers over the Black Hills and Custer National Park, visible for all drivers to see in passing. It’s an amazing sight. You can’t help but respect it, and the measures behind it. If you go, save up the money and plan on taking the ride to the top. It’s not cheap, but it is tax deductible, and worth every stinking penny! I know I won’t see it completed in my lifetime, but I hope that my nieces and nephew see the finished product and compare it to the photos of their aunt and uncle in hard hats at the top:

crazyhorse (11)

An idea of what it will look like when finished

An idea of what it will look like when finished

crazyhorse (9)

crazyhorse (8)

crazyhorse (3)

crazyhorse (5)

crazyhorse (2)

crazyhorse (7)

2015-06-22 187

Will I come back to South Dakota? In true Tami fashion, probably not. I’m a one and done kind of person. However, this experience deserves to be shared, and I’d gladly do it again with a fresh set of eyes. The younger generation should experience this. If you aren’t willing to take your children, give them to me, and I’ll do it! 😉

Whether I’m preaching to choir or not, get out there and see the world. Seriously. Promise me and yourself that you’ll do this. Do it cheaply if you have to. The memories are less about what type of food you ate or where you stayed, and more about the photos and stories you came back with. And, if you have 2 quarters plus a penny, stop and make one of those flattened penny engravings. Because who doesn’t appreciate those things?!!



  1. I agree! Get out and see the world! I never would have thought a few years ago that we would have been able to go see some of the things we have. Enjoy your blog and your travels!

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