What’s In a Year?

hot air balloon

As the year begins to turn off its lights & lock its doors, it’s only natural to reflect on the last 12 months. In that reflection, it’s tempting to focus on the negative – pointing out last January’s resolutions and the goals we didn’t hit, regretting that you didn’t lose 50 lbs or pay off that credit card. That kind of thinking will consume and destroy you. Stop it.

Regret is not a bone in my body. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that it exists in yours.

I made some pretty big goals for 2014, both business and personal, and I hit maybe 30% of them. If I wasn’t a positive person, that could really piss me off. But it doesn’t.

Instead of focusing on what you may have missed this year, how about you list the things you accomplished instead, both large and small? Dump them all out on any piece of paper you can find. Don’t stop at just one or two things. Dig deep into the year and pull out the pieces that you remember being pivotal. Think of it as a strainer- pouring your year into it, and watching as the larger parts are sifted out.

After you’re done with the list, reread it. You’ll see that the year was a lot more productive than your negative thinking would have you believe.. This list should also remind you that coming shy of a goal doesn’t mean progress wasn’t made.

You see, whether the bullseye is hit or not, the dart is still thrown. And THAT’S the achievement.

For giggles, here’s my list of accomplishments for the year:

1. Ski’d for the first time

2. Bought a 4th house

3. Vacationed in 11 different cities

4. Learned to do Hand Stand Push Ups

5. Hired a gardener

6. Switched from Coffee to Espresso – Hello, Americano!

7. Read 20 books

8. Closed almost $6 Million in production as a Realtor

9. Cleaned up my eating and committed to 90 days strict Paleo

10. Sold my childhood home and moved my mother

11. Watched my husband get ordained and officiate his first wedding ceremony

12. Donated 15 inches of hair to Locks of Love

13. Got stranded in the snow and walked 3 miles home

14. Put a new roof on both our personal house and our newest investment property

15. Celebrated 9 years of marriage

16. Made some amazing new friendships

17. Started making art again

18. Had an amazing time living life!

Pretty impressive, even though I fell short of several goals.

Knowing that I only hit some of my 2014 goals won’t stop me from making my 2015 goals larger than life.

I wish for everyone to have a very Happy New Year, and to enjoy the fun in the process, not just the outcome.



Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!