Texas Trippin Part 2

Our entire road trip schedule was built around the availability of accommodations at El Cosmico. I’d stumbled upon pictures of their yurt a few months back, and knew I had to get there.

So, here we are!

Let me start by saying that I’ve never been camping. I know. Shocking, right?

Not really. I’m the girl who shaves her legs daily, likes long scalding showers, and doesn’t like to use public restrooms.

Well, all that’s out the window while I’m here.

Let me back up before my hairy legs get ahead of themselves.

The drive from Gruene to Marfa is about 6 hours. As we approached the tiny town, a herd of bighorn sheep greeted us and it instantly felt like we were entering this magical little hideaway, tucked into the folds of West Texas.

My first mission was to find the Prada Marfa art installation and knock that off the list. It’s about 30 min from Marfa, and actually in an even tinier town called Valentine (population 217). Sadly, the installation has been affected by weather and sits worn and dirty on the tiny Texas rd. Either way, here’s one for those who were asking:


marfa 1

This picture was taken moments before I managed to drown both of my feet in mud.


On to the yurt! It is adorable. It smells a little earthy, but you get used it after a while:  El Cosmico is a tiny compound consisting of air stream trailers, tents, teepees and a yurt. You basically choose your form of abode and come with an open mind.



Moments before the storms came in...

Moments before the storms came in…


After a failed attempt at trying to catch the Marfa Lights, we spent the rest of the evening getting comfortable in what was to be our home for the next two nights and exploring our surroundings. The bath house is about 200 steps from our front door, meaning bathroom visits during the night were going to be rough! I was immediately regretting the water I had been drinking all day.

Ever been in a yurt during a thunderstorm? It’s pretty amazing and scary at the same time. At about 1am, I woke to the sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning coming through the cracks of the structure. At 2am, I woke to the sound of my bladder telling me that it couldn’t wait until daylight. While warm and dry in the yurt, outside it was 49 degrees and wet… THAT was an exciting trip to the potty, folks!

This morning, I woke at 6:57am and opened the door to what I was hoping would be a fantastic sunrise. Turns out, Marfa is one of the last cities before the time zone changes, which means no sunrise until about 8am. Either way, I was bound and determined to get a head start on the day, so off we went to what can only be described as the most vulnerable shower experience of my life. Three words: Naked, Cold, & Quick. I’ll spare you the pics of that.

All the above complaining to say that this is truly an incredible experience. As uncomfortable as parts of it have been, I’m loving every second and have had no problem laughing at myself and my inability to “rough it”. Later today we venture up to Ft Davis for some hiking and the McDonald Observatory for a star party tonight.

Marfa is such an adorable town, filled with art galleries & food trucks. Truly inspiring and intriguing:






Loved this retired gas station, turned pizza parlor!

marfa 4

Scrabble Menu at Frama, the local coffee shop





marfa 3



  1. Love reading about your adventures! Always wanted to stay in a yurt. Maybe someday. Happy travels to you both!

    • Thanks Donna! It’s been one of those experiences,where you just have to go with the flow! 🙂

  2. So glad you blog! Dug up this post today to read your reviews of El Cosmico and Marfa! Do you recall how far out bookings were?

    • Thank you! I feel like it was several months and we were limited on what days we’re available for the yurt. I basically booked our entire trip schedule around the dates that we could stay there.

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