Texas Trippin’ Part 1

How do I spend a Sunday night? Marveling at people doing the Two Step in the oldest dance hall in Texas, of course!

Our big trip this year was supposed to be to Taiwan. However, when yours truly decided to buy a 4th house instead of saving the money for the trip, international plans changed. So, instead of Taiwan, we went to the next best place that starts with a “T”.

Here we are, driving to west Texas and exploring all the sights and sounds that The Lonestar State has to offer. So far, it has not disappointed!

Trying to break monotonous driving up a bit, so we stayed in Baton Rouge the first night, and then made our way into to Texas today. I stumbled upon Gruene, Texas on Pinterest, of all places, and instantly fell in love. Tiny town settled by Germans with all the arts and crafts one could hope for. We’ve got the cutest cottage to ourselves and came back from dinner tonight to find three deer sitting in our front yard (Do deer sit?).

Tomorrow we make our way to Marfa, where we’ll spend two nights in a yurt. Excited is an understatement. In the meantime, here are a few pics from our trip thus far:

2014-10-18 001

Sunset on the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge

miss river

welcome center

Warm welcome by Texas

2014-10-19 002

Our front porch in Gruene. Love this place!

2014-10-19 001

Inside our little Gruene cottage…

2014-10-19 003

More cottage

2014-10-19 004

A close up of those fantastic floors!

2014-10-18 002

Gruene Hall, the oldest dance hall in Texas

2014-10-18 005

2014-10-18 014

Gruene General Store and Soda Fountain

2014-10-18 015

Dinner at the Grist Mill Restaurant – an old cotton gin that overlooks the river

2014-10-18 016

Inside the dance hall

2014-10-18 019

I watched these two for hours, until Mario told me that I looked like a creeper. I couldn’t help it! They were adorable!



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