The Right to be Stingy


First thing’s first: 90 days of strict Paleo came and went. Was it hard? Absolutely. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

You know they say it takes 3 weeks to form a habit. Well, I’m here to tell you it takes 3 months. I’m not going to bore you with pictures of abs and weight loss. I didn’t really have any weight to lose. But, I will tell you that it was extremely hard to convince myself that having a cheat meal was ok after 90 days. It was hard to be ok with treating my body poorly. Here it is, almost 3 weeks after the end of our 90 days and I’m still struggling with it. Just doesn’t seem right to fill my body with processed food, or sugar, or greasy unhealthy fat, or dairy, or gluten, or wheat… I could go on.

Let’s just say a doughnut doesn’t taste the same. And, I’m ok with that. Good? Good.

Onward to the topic at hand. I recently had a “Come to Jesus” in regards to overworking myself. Truth is, I was running in circles. Up every damn day at 6am and working, checking email, creating never-ending To-Do lists… all before the sun was fully dressed.

That’s not right.

This hit recently when my hair stylist pointed out that I was losing hair in weird areas. Sorry for the visual, but it happened people:


Yep. That’s Tim Tebow with his head shaved like that of a monk, in case there was any doubt.


I went home from the salon that day crying, confused with how in the world I was going to manage the stress in my life. How can I juggle all these balls, keep all these ducks in a row, and manage to have time to deal with stress?

I owe my sanity to Greg Adams for being my wake up call that day. Those in need of a stylist should visit Gege’s Salon, btw… Ask for Greg and tell him Tami sent you!

I realized I had to do something. It took me months to figure out what that was. I spent the better portion of 3 months in a daze that resulted in me wanting to find another job – to hand something that I loved and had built for 8 years off to someone else. Although my work meant the world to me, it was killing me.

So, I started taking mini vacations and attempting to separate myself from my day job. It worked for a bit… until last week.

Last week hit me like Ali vs Foreman. I thought I had done the right thing by taking time away periodically. I thought I was strong enough to handle every blow and remain standing week after week until the next opportunity for rest occurred. If vacation wasn’t for another 3 weeks- Totally fine! I had the stamina to go for weeks without a break!

Wrong. I spent the latter part of Friday wishing I was someone else. I stared at a woman in a beat up Grand Prix at the gas station on Friday night, wondering how awesome it must feel to know that you have every weekend to spend however you choose. I was sick of being strong for everyone else in my work and personal life. I needed to crumble. And, crumbling seems like the most unacceptable thing for a person in a position of power to do. if I’m losing points by telling you this, I’m not apologizing. Go idolize someone else. I’m human, damnit.

After spending the weekend away with some fantastic friends in Huntsville, I came home to a sermon that pretty much turned my world on its axis and made me realize what I had been doing wrong. It’s not a “lets see how long I can go before I need a vacation” thing. It’s a “I’m taking a day off a week because I owe it to myself” thing.

And, it’s 100% acceptable to be stingy with that day. I will not work on Sundays. That’s it. I don’t care enough about money to spend 7 days a week missing my family and ignoring what is most important. Work gets 6. My family, my church and my self gets the 7th. And, honestly, I sincerely hope that there comes a day when my family gets day 6 and 7.

I will be stingy with this day because I’m realizing what’s most important. It’s not work. As much as I love you as a client and want to help you as much as possible, there are 2 things standing between me and you: My religion and my family. At the end of the day, as much as the thought of losing a client saddens me, losing either of the other two would devastate me.

For that reason, I’ll fight for the 7th day. And I’ll win every time.

You should too.




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