7 Weeks In


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7 weeks into 12 weeks of strict paleo eating and I’m finally beginning to see some crazy good benefits. As someone who typically ate 5-6 days clean and allowed weekends for whatever the heck I wanted, I never realized the control that food had over me.

Having one cheat day, or one cheat meal, or something I’d allow myself after a bad day at the office once seemed like my last bit of control over this crazy life. Eating something sinfully delicious felt like my jab at a bad day- like me saying, “Take THAT! I’ll show you, bad day! Watch me stuff this doughnut into my mouth like it’s your filthy face!”

I saw it as something I could do to show I was still in control. A treat for ME. I was wrong. It was the exact opposite of control. It was everything but.

We’ve done 8 weeks strict paleo before, but never 12. This is a whole new level of commitment and it’s not easy. But the benefits are fantastic!

For one, my sleeping patterns are the best they’ve ever been. I go to bed at night without tossing and turning. Head down, lights out, boom: sleep.

Secondly, I find myself more focused and willing to do tasks that seemed exhausting to me before. Let’s face it, after a hard day, a glass of wine and some chocolate, no one wants to fold clothes, or wash dishes, or write, or clean out their closet, or work towards any other goal they’ve been neglecting (Hello, Bucket List Item #23). I’ve now got energy for days and no desire to sit around. There’s stuff to be done, people!

Third change is my gym performance. I’m not sluggish, or dehydrated from drinking too much or eating salty, greasy food the night before. I’m finally getting better at things that have stumped me for a while. Hi, first unassisted ring dip! Greetings hang clean PR!

Last fantastic mention is the physical change that we are all aware of. It’s insane how little water weight my body holds right now. My stomach has never been so flat. And, abs #7 & #8 are finally beginning to show… kind of. After my last 60 day paleo challenge, I posted photos of my abs. I’ll save you the photos this time around, because the image of a Ginger with a six-pack isn’t what I’m hoping you’ll walk away from this post with.

It’s more than just the physical. It’s the mental strength that comes from successfully committing to any positive change. It’s the feeling that comes from waking up to a new day and realizing your energy is where it used to be again. The feeling of seeing yourself awaken from what has felt like a big foggy mess, or a long ass nap. Finding the you that was drowning in sugar, and the wrong fats, and gluten, and dairy and alcohol, and lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

There’s a clarity that comes when treating your body well. It makes you like who you are and see things differently. And, as cranky as the first few weeks might cause you to be (or how out of control you convince yourself you feel), it ultimately makes you happy with the good things you are doing for yourself.

Wherever you are today, is an excellent place to start.


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