Mini Retirements – Chattanooga

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Someone told me that the Tennessee Aquarium had a whale. And I believed them. Imagine my disappointment when I had searched every exhibit in search of a whale, only to come up empty-handed. How in the hell would they have transported a whale from the ocean to Chattanooga, anyway? I should really start using my brain more, instead of just taking people’s words for things.

I just finished reading The 4 Hour Work Week and am completely obsessed with the idea of “Mini Retirements”; spacing travels throughout your life and enjoying trips NOW, instead of waiting for your retirement age and buying a camper, etc. Don’t get me wrong. You can still do all that post 65 stuff, including the dinners at 4:30pm, discount grocery shopping at Publix on Wednesdays, and Bingo in the basement of a church somewhere. But, you can also do the traveling before you hit 65+. Don’t wait to do the fun stuff. Stop hoarding time, like you’ll have plenty of it one day, because the truth is, you won’t.

I tend to push as hard as I can until my brain feels like it’s going to explode, or that I’m going to have a nervous breakdown, until I absolutely HAVE to have a vacation. That’s not good. That’s like holding your pee until your bladder feels like it will explode. Any doctor will tell you to just wet your pants.

So, this is me wetting my pants. Yeah, we do the big trip every year, but this is me allowing myself a few more bathroom breaks. 😉

I left it up to my better half to book the reservations and force me to leave my cell phone at home. If you’ve been trying to reach me, I apologize. Actually, I don’t apologize. I’ll get back to you next week.

I’ve been falling in love with Chattanooga since we got here on Saturday. It really is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been. I can’t get enough. I seriously don’t want to leave. Pics below of the fun that’s to be had.

If you are thinking of planning a trip, a few favorites:

1) Rock City on Sunday morning, followed by brunch at The Cafe on the Corner

2) A stroll across the Walnut Pedestrian Bridge with dinner at BrewHaus (fantastic beers and German bar food)

3) A visit to the Hunter Museum of American Art, lunch at Blue Plate, followed by the Tennessee Aquarium and dinner at Thai Smile (surprisingly amazing Thai food. Get the fried bananas for dessert)

4) Visiting the Chattanooga Choo Choo, climbing to the top of the adjacent parking lot for a great pic of the sign, and then chowing down on burgers at Urban Stack

5) At some point, no matter what time, since it’s open 24 hrs a day, you should indulge your sweet tooth and visit The City Cafe. It’s a hole in the wall, connected to a Days Inn Motel, but good lord, the desserts!

6) Any one of the dozen other things this city has to offer: Riverboat dinner cruises, Ruby Falls, IMAX theater, Murder Mystery Dinner Shows, etc. The city’s too good to be true!

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  1. Chattanooga is one of our favorites! If we had to move out of Alabama, I would choose Chattanooga! The downtown area feels very safe to walk around at night and the mountains are beautiful. What a great destination just a few hours away!

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