One of the best things about life is that we get to learn and move forward. We are never stuck in one place, and past decisions/events don’t determine our future. We can change in the best of ways and become whoever we want to be.

I’m guilty of looking at the past bad times and feeling as if they defined me. Paralyzed by mistakes I’d made and the image of what I used to be, I’d often find it hard to move forward and focus on the progress I was making.

I’m also guilty of looking at past good times and wanting to go back there. But that’s impossible. There’s no reverse, kids. No CTRL + Z. That function doesn’t exist on life’s keyboard..

It’s like those people who want to go back to high school. Good Lord, why? You are more than your teenage self. Don’t categorize those as the “best years of your life,” because they’re not.

The best years of your life are the years when you finally realize that you are exactly what you see in front of you today. Not yesterday. And, more importantly, you are what you will DECIDE to become tomorrow.

Don’t let others who are bitter about past decisions drag you into believing the same. The past is behind you and not worth digging up, no matter how good or bad it was. Focus on your today and your tomorrow, and do that in good faith, believing that life will be best when you make it so.



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