It’s freezing here. I’m not kidding. 17 of the last 22 days have had temps below freezing.

Those of you who live outside of the Southeast, don’t ever plan on visiting during January or February. You hear me?! It’s like seeing Alabama first thing in the morning, with bed head and bad breath. No, we’re much better at Spring and Autumn. Those are our magic hours. I’d even take an Indian Summer right now. Enough with the cold. No snow. Not even a fire in the fireplace (because I don’t have one). Just elevated gas bills, constantly dripping faucets, and… cold. Enough. There’s no magic in that.

The start of 2014 (aside from the temps) has been a little crazy. My hair is gone, and I’m working these crazy hours, in an attempt to keep up with the goals I set for myself. I haven’t even had an opportunity to embrace the change in appearance. People keep asking me how I like the short hair, and all I can do is say, “I don’t know yet.” I’ve only got a week left of using that response before they’ll want the truth.

This past weekend was the first opportunity I’ve had to take a breath and look around for a sec. And, in that split second of being exhausted and dazed by the pace I’d been keeping, I wanted to run away from it all. I don’t think we realize how fast we’re traveling, until we sit still and start to get dizzy.

People ask me how I stay so energetic and on top of things.  How do I wake up every morning, ready to face whatever is out there? What keeps me pushing even when others have long gone home?

It’s the WHY.

It’s knowing that I’m working towards hitting a goal that means the world to me. A goal, that seems so far-fetched to everyone else, and yet 100% achievable to me. That goal pushes me through. That goal keeps me striving.

You see, we can excel at things and love what we currently do, we can fall in love with our careers, but we have to keep dreaming. There has to be more to us than just work & sleep. We have to keep pushing to be more, live more, and do more. We have to have something outside of our current circumstances that we are constantly reaching for. THAT’S what making the most of this life is about.

What’s yours? What’s beyond your day-to-day that’s pushing you? What’s your WHY?

I have moments of grandeur, where I imagine doing nothing but traveling for the rest of my life. People-watching all over the world and experiencing the craziness that everywhere outside of the norm has to offer. Can I get paid for that? If I could figure out how, I would. Is anyone anywhere looking to hire a Ginger to travel, laugh, dance, and write about laughing and dancing? I might even do it for free, if it meant meals and accommodations for myself, my husband and two tiny dogs were provided.

That’s my WHY. That’s my one day. That’s THE goal. Continue to work the career I love and to help others accomplish their dreams until it’s time for me to do just that. It’s that WHY that gets me going. If you asked me whether I like what I do for a living, the answer would be that I LOVE it. And, I do. I genuinely am passionate about helping others and showing the real estate world what it means to stay accountable. I’m passionate about providing the highest level of service and doing things 100%. I’m passionate about making my word mean something.

But at some point, my career in real estate will be done. Whether it’s ten years from now, twenty years from now, or, heaven forbid – thirty years from now. And, when it is, I want that next step to be fantastic. I want to have worked and have given enough to feel as if I’ve earned that spot.

And I want to run away from giant gas bills and dripping faucets at LEAST two months out of the year.

Find your WHY. Then find your HOW.

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