More Than Just Hair

To everything (turn, turn, turn) there is a season (turn turn turn)…. A time to every purpose, right? For me, the start of a new year was  the season to do something drastic and for a good cause:


I both love and hate the way cutting your hair makes you feel (and act) like a different person. I cut off over a foot. That’s 12 inches and quite a few years’ worth of memories. And, while I thought it would be freeing – I thought it would bring a new element of fun to my personality, I was wrong. It made me self-conscious. It made me realize I had been hiding behind my hair. It made me miss everything I’d experienced with long hair. It made my neck ridiculously cold.

It made me vulnerable. It made me worry about what others would think. It made me wonder if I was still pretty.

But more importantly, the fact that all of the above went through my head, based on a stupid haircut, made me angry. Since when is my hair a determiner of my life? That’s a dumb and vain misconception.

So, after almost bawling on my way home from the salon, and enduring what felt like a week of being naked in public, I decided I liked it. I decided this was an excellent opportunity to focus on what I had given to someone else – donating my hair means that someone else gets to feel the confidence and strength that I was convinced my hair had given me. This was an opportunity to start a new year fresh, growing from here forward, instead of relying on what I had achieved (or grown) up to this moment. What counts is what happens from here, not what was left from the past.

So, with another 12 months upon us, let’s do the same for everything in our lives. It’s not about what happened last year, or even what happened yesterday. Let those experiences go, for they now belong to someone else. It’s about HERE. It’s about NOW. It’s about THIS POINT FORWARD.

You are not who you were last year, yesterday, or even this morning. You are who you are right this moment, and you will be who you become tomorrow.




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  1. You would be beautiful bald! However, naturally as women I think we always revert to -even if I failed, I looked good doing it. Nonsense. You gave a wonderful gift to someone that may have changed her life.

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