JT, P!NK & Happiness

That moment when you’re totally rocking your best version of an a cappella Justin Timberlake and no one in your house feels you? That’s me right now. Wasting sheer talent on deaf ears…

I went to see P!NK in concert last week. And, yes, spelling her name that way seems ridiculous. Is it like that on her driver’s license? I need to know these things.

The concert was fabulous. I only know what songs are played on the radio, and I managed to keep up with 90% of the show. Yay me! And, I got to see some fantastic abs, and crazy acrobatics. Oh, and one drunken redneck fight. All in all, a decent night of people-watching and singing!

But I digress.

This post has nothing to do with JT or P!NK. Sorry. Please don’t leave.


I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my place in life this week. And, those who are happy and unhappy with where they are. Let’s use my mother for example –The Eternal Optimist. She is 100% HAPPY with where she is. Is she rich? Nope. Is she in love? Nope. Does she have regrets? probably, but she doesn’t dwell on them. She lives for today and is happy knowing that she’s had another 24 hrs to enjoy her life on earth. And she’s happy with what she’s got. She’s comfortable.

And that’s OK. Because she’s HAPPY.

Then I look at myself and where I am. I’m by no means done, and I’m definitely not satisfied.

Not sure I’ll ever be satisfied. I think we tend to confuse that ever-striving, ever-reaching desire as unhappiness. It’s not. I’m happy. I wake up every day and get to work towards goals that mean something to me. I get to help others reach goals that mean something to them. And, that THRILLS me. It makes getting up, stumbling to the shower, and taking two tiny dogs outside in 30 degree weather worthwhile. It makes giving up free time when other friends are out to dinner and enjoying their weekends 100% worth it.

NO, I’m not done achieving. I’m not done setting crazy goals & exceeding limits, and I’ll never be comfortable in the same way that my mother is. That doesn’t make me unhappy. Quite the opposite.

Unhappiness lies in a gut feeling that doesn’t sit right with you. If you are unhappy, you need to change things. If you are unhappy, you need to wake up every day and do ONE THING that means something to you. Hug someone who you adore. Come to terms with everything you’ve ever wanted, and start working towards that, ONE STEP AT A TIME.

Happiness doesn’t lie in having “arrived” at something. It’s not a feeling of completion. Happiness is getting to live life exactly how you want to live it, working towards the things that mean the absolute most to you… on a daily basis. Your job doesn’t have to be what makes you happy. You can look around a job, and at the things it provides and allows you to do and be.

I think a lot of people feel like they are “stuck” in a job that makes them unhappy. It may not be the job, my friends.

It may be you.

It may be what you do outside that job.

You’re losing focus. We get so caught up with, “I have to be passionate about what I’m doing” that we lose sight of something that may be providing for you, so that you can afford to do the things you love.

Who said your passion had to happen from 8-5? Yes, some of us are lucky. We get to wake up and do things we love. But, we sacrifice a lot to do that – guaranteed income, regular schedules, comfort zones, etc. It’s fair trade.

To my friends who struggle with “jobs” they aren’t passionate about: Is it the job, or is it you? Can you find passion outside the job? Can you keep the job for the stability it offers and work your passion on the weekends?

Happiness is not a job. It’s not a destination. It’s not where you live. It’s not who you live with. Ok, it may be who you live with… 😉

Seriously, though.

Happiness occurs when you place your head on that pillow at night, review the day, and ask yourself: Am I proud of myself? Am I thrilled with where I’m going? Am I excited about how far I’ve come?

Answering yes to those questions can save any day, no matter how bad it may be.

Get happy, and quit letting others dictate what that means to you.





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