Rhymes with Midget


Have you seen my subscription widget? Have you used it? You’re missing out, if not. You see, I don’t always add every blog post to Facebook and Twitter. Some of them stay right here where they belong and only those who go searching for my blog, or SUBSCRIBE to my blog find them.

Take a look in the right margin of your screen (if you’re reading on your phone, try looking below this blog post). There’s a pretty legible headline that reads “Subscribe to Receive A Few Extra Limes!” Below that, you can type in the email address you check the most, click “Subscribe,” and voila! My deepest darkest secrets will be delivered to your inbox the MINUTE I publish them.

Pretty fantastic, right? And, you’ll get to read some of my favorite thoughts in real time and it will be EXACTLY like I’m sitting in your lap, reading them to you. Don’t worry, I don’t weigh much, and they typically aren’t very long.

Outside of the blog posts, you won’t receive anything else. NO SPAM (including the nasty canned meat). I promise. You’ll just get me 🙂 And, the list doesn’t get published. It’s a secret club that only you know you’re a member of. Shhhh…

Do it. You know you want to.

In the meantime, as we wait for everyone else to join in on the fun, below are some of my favorite posts. Posts I enjoyed writing almost as much as you enjoyed reading:

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