My Travel Bucket List


Tonight’s a big night! We’re drawing for our next travel destination!



I get a lot of questions about our travel bucket list. Where did I come up with the idea? How long have we been doing it? What places are inside the bucket? How often do we do it?

I kind of just came up with the idea on my own one day. I had really started making progress with my bucket list and was riding the high from that, when I starting thinking about all of the places I wanted to see at some point in my life. A lot of them were outside of the United States and it occurred to me that I had yet to get my passport, which was another Bucket List item.

So, we sat down and made a list of every place, country, etc outside of the United States that seemed like something we’d really hate to miss during our lifetime. I had never gone further than Mexico. Mario traveled to China in college and Mexico with his family, but had never ventured anywhere else. Our list was fairly long. And, we put a few randoms in it. For example, there’s a specific spa/resort in the Abu Dhabi desert that I wanted to stay at. And, there’s the Lover’s Lock bridge in Paris that we wanted to see. Mexico also made the list again, because I really wanted to see where Mario’s family is from.

We cut them all up and placed them in a bag. The first time around, our rule was that we couldn’t draw until I got my passport.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a control freak, so this throwing caution into the wind, drawing a random location (where I may or may not speak the language) and committing to visiting that location was NOT something that I was 100% comfortable with. However, if you read my previous post, being comfortable isn’t really what living life is about, now is it?

I remember the first drawing. My hands were sweaty. All I could think was, “Damnit Tami, why you gotta talk such a big talk?”.

First country out of the bag was Belize. Easiest (and fairly cheap) passport trip I could have asked for! Same time zone, short flight, and they speak English (and take the American dollar). It was an EXCELLENT starter trip. I highly recommend going in order to get your traveling feet wet. Photos & blog posts here, here, & here.



After returning from our first trip, I wanted to draw the next one immediately! Ready to get that ball rolling! My better half felt like we needed parameters of some sort. There should be a rule about when the next place gets drawn and how often we travel. So, we came up with a few:

1. To begin with, only one trip outside the country per year, max, for budget reasons. While we don’t have children, we do have other things we enjoy doing and happen to like our lives here (most of the time). Plus, I own my own business, and being away from clients for too long can be tough.

2. That being said, First location isn’t drawn until everyone has their passport.

3. Next location isn’t drawn until we’ve finished the photo album from the previous trip. It keeps us from losing the photos on a computer somewhere forever and gives us something to share with friends and family outside of Facebook.




Second location was Ireland! Again, a fantastic trip. Absolutely incredible. You can view photos here, here, here, here, here, & here.



Photo album for Ireland came in last week. Tonight, we celebrate with Paleo Shepherd’s Pie & Guinness… and we draw for our next location. 🙂

Perhaps it’s time for a country that doesn’t speak English…





  1. Can’t wait to see where you’re going next! If you end up going non-English speaking, I highly recommend Pimsleur audio CDs. We used them for Ukraine and they were great, plus I got compliments from native Ukrainians on my accent/how well I spoke. 😉

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