Comfortable Kills


I hate skinny jeans. And, I own three pair. There are days when I find myself home after a long day,  struggling to get them off, and wondering how much easier it would be if my feet were smaller. Or if I had no feet? Man, they’d fly right off then. Skinny jeans are made for footless people. Don’t even get me started on trying to get them on in the mornings. I’ve never hopped so much in my life.

What happened to old-fashioned, flare-leg-swallow-my-foot-dark-rinse-can-only-wear-with-giant-wedges denim? They left us in the seventies, made a brief reappearance in the 21st century, only to run away again. Come back! I look much taller and skinner in those. Skinnies scream 5 ft 4 inches. With flares, I can hide and appear to be at least 5’8″, towering over the other short people and feeling that power that only comes with being tall.


This post has nothing to do with denim. Or sawing your feet off.


Nope, today I’m going to discuss getting uncomfortable. I guess that kind of coincides, but not really.

I’m slowly, but surely getting better at the gym. Joining Iron Tribe was one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever done, and yet I love it. There are days when I struggle to feel good about my performance. There are days, like today, when I’m last to finish. Today was a little different, in that I broke through a barrier and used a heavier weight than I’d ever used in a WOD before. I was 3 minutes slower than everyone else, but stronger. Does that make sense? Sure, I could have finished the workout much faster by using a lighter weight, but I didn’t.

I didn’t.

I got uncomfortable.

The same applies to my real estate career. There was no way I was going to succeed or better myself as  Realtor until I was willing to get uncomfortable.

I could go on- jumping out of a plane, running a half marathon, traveling outside the country. It’s all that same concept.

We don’t grow until we get uncomfortable.

So, let me ask you this. How comfortable are you? Do you love your predictable patterns? Your established weekly schedule? Your reliable relationships with people who also love to be comfortable?

How challenged are you at work? At home? At the gym?

We must be willing to get uncomfortable in order to grow.  Running that first mile may suck so much that you want to quit and just have a drink/brownie/slice of pizza instead. But you’re challenging yourself and your body to be more. To do more. To be better.

Reading a book instead of watching junk television may feel horrible, but you’re becoming the better version of you.

Making that phone call that you dread making is horrible, until you’re done. And then, you realize you DID IT.

Get outside of that comfort zone.

Your comfort zone will kill you and every bit of potential you ever thought you had.







Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!