I Ran Around Aran

Before leaving for Ireland, I had a lot of people tell me that I’d hate the food. So, I packed a lot of snacks, just in case. I haven’t needed them. The food has been amazing here. Also, everyone failed to mention that meals are full-fledged events, complete with music, multiple courses and conversation that continues long after the food is gone.

Breakfast at our B&B this morning was made fresh by our hostess, Maire, and consisted of two courses. First course was fresh fruit, homemade granola, soda bread and homemade marmalade. Our bowls were then cleared for the second course, that I dubbed the meat portion of the show: organic poached eggs, sausage, bacon & a Portobello mushroom. All accompanied by freshly brewed hot tea, of course.
Best thing about it was that it was served on fine china. Made me rethink the six place settings currently stored in their orignal boxes at the top of a closet back home.


B&B 2 (1263x1280)

You can’t hear it, but there was a German woman singing “Wishin’ & Hopin'” in German when this photo was taken.

Today, we tackled the Aran Islands. This trip, for me, has been a way to attempt to focus on something other than where to be and what time to be there. I get enough of that at home, and it’s made me a weird schedule monster this year. So,when we were fifteen minutes late driving to the ferry station, the immediate panic that set in was diminished when my sister reminded me that there must be a reason we weren’t supposed to be on the 10:30am ferry.

Boy, was there ever. An hour later, we realized, not only were we lost, but that our GPS had no idea how to get us un-lost. No ferry, narrow roads, and lots and lots of sheep:

Lost 3

Lost 1 (1280x1280)

Lost 2 (1280x1280)

We found ourselves in a small town called Roundstone that didn’t disappoint – artists with canvases on the shore, sail boats out and about, thatch roof cottages, and the friendliest postal worker I’ve ever met, who gladly pointed us in the right direction, after correcting my attempts at the Gaelic language.

We made the 1pm Ferry with 2 minutes to spare. 😉

Once on the islands, we had some pub grub and toured Dun Aengus, or Dun Aonghasa if you’re trying to speak Gaelic without butchering the language:

Aran 1

Aran 5

Aran 3

Aran 6

Aran 7

Just a little windy...

Just a little windy…


Nonstop fun. I’m exhausted and loving it. 🙂 More to come.



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