Ireland, I’m Home!

I’ll start by saying that I was in disbelief that this trip was actually going to happen right up until the day we left. I may have still been in denial at the Dublin airport. What can I say? Life has been a circus lately and I was starting to worry that turning my cell phone off for 3 weeks wasn’t going to be possible. It it weren’t for two amazing people who agreed to man my files and basically help run my business in my absence, this trip wouldn’t be possible. Peggy & David, I owe you a bottle of Jameson, a leprechaun & a pot of gold upon my return.

I think the moment that I finally realized that I was actually in F-ing Ireland was the moment when we almost lost our lives while driving on the wrong side of the narrowest road I’ve ever seen in my life. Renting a car may not have been the best idea (particularly one with a manual transmission… that requires shifting with your left hand), but it definitely yielded the best memories.

Day one, after a red-eye flight, we drove two hours from Dublin to Galway at 7am (1am our time). En route, we randomly stopped at an adorable town called Mullingar, where I had the most amazing breakfast at Frayne’s Bakery. I’ve never tasted eggs that fresh in my life! It was like I was sitting with the chicken herself. Delicious. And the hot tea that accompanied it, served in the most adorable silver kettle… Loved it!

Driving past thousands of sheep & cows, we made one more pit stop at Clonmacnoise, where I had trouble wrapping my tiny American brain around the idea that this monastery was originally founded in the 6th century. As a result, I took way too many photos and managed to pose for pics in a bright green raincoat more than once:


ClonmacnoiseClonmacnoise 4Clonmacnoise 2

Disregard the jet lag and weird stomach bulge pictured here.

Disregard the jet lag and weird stomach bulge pictured here.


Finally arriving at our B & B in Galway, the rest of the evening is a blur, as I’m pretty sure I slept for most of it. Our accommodations at the Nile Lodge:

Nile Lodge


Nile Lodge 3

Nile Lodge 2

More photos to come! We’re here in Galway for three days, then back to Dublin to start our tour of the rest of the country! Those wondering about the weather: drizzly and overcast. Reminds me of San Francisco.

Hope all is well State-side!




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