I stumbled upon this great-looking recipe for paleo plantain biscuits a few weeks ago, so I ran out and bought plantains. The recipe said that they needed to be uber ripe… black, even. So, I waited for my plantains to ripen, the same way I’d wait for bananas to ripen.

Well almost a month later, and I believe they are finally almost about to be semi-ready. Those things take forever to grow old! At one point, I actually considered going in search of already ripe plantains elsewhere instead of waiting for the two jugheads I had at home to do their thing.

And I got to thinking about my impatience.

I have a lot of goals. Maybe too many. Maybe not enough. Depends on who you ask, and what day of the week it is.

I also have crazy timelines for when I’d like to achieve some of these goals. Those that know me well, know about the Five Year Plan. 2.5 years to go, people. I’m pretty stringent on when I want things done by. I have one of the biggest senses of urgency I’ve ever come across and it can get in the way sometimes, because I kind of expect others to have that same sense of urgency… for everything.

Those damn plantains gave me perspective this week. I’m an impatient person when it comes to moving towards some of these goals. If things aren’t going at the speed I’d like, I’m not happy. Although, I’ve never thrown an adult tantrum, I’ve come pretty darn close. There are days when I’ve had enough. It just seems like I can’t get to that next step. I can’t get the edge I need to propel me forward and I feel like time is dragging. I feel like I’m never going to get the carrot I keep dangling in front of my face.

Lately I’ve found myself in a slump as a result of that impatience. That mode of almost not caring, because “what is it worth anyway?”. “What do I care if I don’t get to where I want to be?” “It’s not moving fast enough. I should just give up.” “I keep working so hard and seeing so little in return.”

But those are all lies we tell ourselves to convince ourselves that we don’t really want the things that keep us up at night. Our dreams are not achievable. Our goals too lofty. All lies. Don’t go there.

I needed to stop and refocus. To remind myself why I wanted those things. Why my goals are important to me. And, why I wrote them down in the first place. I needed to realize that,while I may not be moving forward at the speed I’d like to be, I’M STILL MOVING. I’m not stagnant, and those plantains will be ripe before I know it.

The time is going to pass no matter whether I sit still or stay in pursuit, so why not stay the course?

Take a moment today and reconsider your goals and what it takes to hit them. And don’t let the idea of the length of the journey dissuade you. So it takes you 6-7 years instead of 5… So what? Keep moving. Don’t trade in your plantains for someone else’s, or decide that you need to toss them and make something else – I mean who really needs plantain biscuits anyway, right? Wrong. Keep those damn things and get your money’s worth.

Focus on what you want and just keep paddling. It’s about more than the end result anyway, right? 😉



Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!