All Things Old & Red Fringed

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while and I kept going back and forth as to whether or not I felt ready to commit to it, but a recent experience pushed me over the edge, so here goes!

Let me set the scene:

I was in a department store recently with my mother, looking for the perfect Mother of the Bride dress for my sister’s wedding.

I got to the store early, which is my definition of “on time,” and found myself completely overwhelmed in the dress department. More dresses than I knew what to do with, and over half of them were hideous! Neon is clearly a popular Spring trend, but good lord, my eyes! I’ve never seen so much uncalled for hot pink in my life. We Gingers can’t really pull off hot pink and lime, so all of you tan beauties can have at it! Just remember this – If the words Pepto Bismol can be used to describe what you are wearing, or if Pepto Bismol is needed after seeing what you’re wearing, it may be worth rethinking.

Anyway, I got to thinking about how most of these dresses would end up on a clearance rack, and then ultimately at a discount store if not bought. And, I thought about how many of the dresses that were bought would only be worn once and then given away to charity, etc. It made me feel wasteful. How many times have I bought an article of clothing only to wear it once, then stick it in my closet and never consider it again (Hello, red fringe flapper dress from Halloween 2010!)? And how much am I spending on these wear once and toss items?

Not only that, but how many items are currently in our bloated closets, gathering dust? Purge, people! Once and for all!

And, not only purge… but put an end to the binge…

Kind of a crazy idea, but why not stop the crazy indulgent shopping? Why spend $180 on a dress for Easter Sunday that probably won’t get worn again? Why not look at some of the local consignment shops for items that may be name brand, suit your needs, and cost less? And, here’s another thought – why not just wear something you already own? Why buy anything “new” at all?

Which leads me to a challenge for myself. I’m challenging myself first to wear what I currently own or get rid of it. To shop my closet first, before assuming I need a new outfit for an occasion. And secondly, when a new outfit or item is needed, to only buy used clothing for the rest of this year. Exceptions will be underwear, swim suits and workout wear (for obvious reasons), or anything where new is mandatory (bridesmaids dresses, etc).

I guess this is kind of a spending diet. But I’d rather not have the spending be the focus and focus more on the reusing and recycling of things. Not wasting.

At the end of every week, our fridge is typically empty. We eat everything we buy. I feel like my closet should reflect that resourcefulness as well.

So, if you see me out… and you like something I’ve got on, I’d like you to ask me where I got it. And, I’m hoping the answer will  either be: It’s something I’ve had forever or, it’s used – I got it from the local consignment shop for a steal. And, if, by chance, it’s a red fringed flapper dress, you are more than welcome to borrow it. It looks fabulous on the dance floor.




  1. Love. My sister and I are lucky – we switch 10-15ish dresses every couple of months or so – it feels like a new wardrobe! Also, we have TONS of consignment shops – and… believe it or not the Lovelady Center has namebrand stuff too…..

  2. This isn’t really an improvement on the crazy, indulgent shopping, but I’ve started something new. I have 3 weddings to go to this spring for the same group of friends, so I can’t re-wear any dress, and I know it’s not likely I’ll re-wear any of the 3 dresses down the line. SOooo I’m using Rent the Runway – you can rent a dress (you get 2 sizes) and send it back within 4 days. I’ve done it once already and it was awesome! You can search for discount codes online too. Again, not a total improvement on indulgence, but a different path 😉

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