1. Love. My sister and I are lucky – we switch 10-15ish dresses every couple of months or so – it feels like a new wardrobe! Also, we have TONS of consignment shops – and… believe it or not the Lovelady Center has namebrand stuff too…..

  2. This isn’t really an improvement on the crazy, indulgent shopping, but I’ve started something new. I have 3 weddings to go to this spring for the same group of friends, so I can’t re-wear any dress, and I know it’s not likely I’ll re-wear any of the 3 dresses down the line. SOooo I’m using Rent the Runway – you can rent a dress (you get 2 sizes) and send it back within 4 days. I’ve done it once already and it was awesome! You can search for discount codes online too. Again, not a total improvement on indulgence, but a different path 😉

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