Early to Rise

image courtesy of widereyes.com

image courtesy of widereyes.com

I’ve always been that person who hated to go to bed. I’ve also always been that person who woke up at the crack of dawn without an alarm clock. I blame the latter on my father, who has gotten up at 4am every morning throughout his entire life. I blame his habit on being a farmer’s son.

As much as I love sleep (naps are the best, aren’t they?), I can’t get past the fear of missing out on life while sleeping. It’s this weird panic that overcomes me if I don’t set an alarm when I nap, or don’t get up before 8am on a Saturday. I’ve missed too much time at that point, and am behind on everything that “could” have been completed during those wee morning hours.

Granted, every once in a while it’s nice to sleep in and not have an alarm clock or 2 tiny puppies to tend to. But, those occasions are few and far between, and my internal alarm typically kicks in anyway, so why bother?

I went through a period about a year ago where I was sleeping in (some) and setting my alarm for 6:30am, rather than 5am. And,while, I still managed to make it to the office by 9am and still got a good breakfast in my belly, etc, I was missing something.

I was missing those rare moments in the mornings that we have to ourselves. Those moments when we can read, write, surf the web, watch tv, and pretty much be alone with our thoughts. I kept wondering why someone would miss getting up at 5am, but I did. I missed sitting at my kitchen table, taking my time to drink my coffee, and watch the skies slowly lighten.

Those moments are my sanity. I do my best thinking when either up at 5am with freshly ground and brewed coffee, or under the influence of alcohol.

The coffee habit is a little easier to pull off and a little healthier. 😉

These moments are when I goal set, when I journal and when I work on my ongoing plan to take over the world.

And some days, those moments are all I have. On the days that I don’t get home until 8pm, I’m thankful for the hours I had in the morning. Like I said – sanity. THAT’S how I keep going at lightning speed. I carve out that time for myself and don’t regret a single day because of it.

Find yours. And, if you want to learn how to get up earlier without becoming a cranky, walking mummy, visit Leo’s post here.

I’d love to hear about your moments of Zen; where they occur, what times and how often!


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