The Sum of Your Surroundings

Image courtesy of Google Images

Image courtesy of Google Images

Growing up, my mother drilled into me that “You are who you hang with.” And, I’m sure I wasn’t concerned about that at the time. Although, I do feel like my choice of high school camaraderie was superb. Quality people – were then and still are now.

But, people go their own ways after high school. And thank God for that!

It wasn’t until stumbling upon virtually the same principle in Jack Canfield’s Success Principles that I realized my mom was right. I lucked out and had some amazing friends growing up, but now that I was an adult and those friends had gone on to make their lives elsewhere, it was time to choose my peers cautiously.

If it’s true that we are who we hang with, then shouldn’t we be surrounding ourselves with those who have similar ideals, goals and lifestyles as ourselves? Or, better yet, those who have the lifestyles and have achieved the goals that we are striving for?

Have you ever found yourself at a party and realized, “Wow, this crowd is definitely not for me”? Granted, every now and then we have to torture ourselves with a party or 2 like that (I’m big on accepting any and all invitations. So, invite me to your parties, peeps!). But, that feeling that you get when you realize it’s going to be a long night… at that point, I typically lean over and tell my better half how happy I am that he decided to come with. Otherwise, I’d be organizing the host’s pantry or standing alone in a corner, texting (or pretending to text) and trolling Facebook.

We have control over what we allow into our lives, to a certain extent. I challenge you to surround yourself and befriend those who are on the road to, or where you want to be.

A friend and I call those “We people”; People that “get” what we’re about; that don’t require a ton of explaining to; People we can let our guards down with; And most importantly, people who challenge us to continually improve.

Spend more time with “We People” and less with those you do out of obligation or habit. If you want new habits or a new life, positive changes only come when you break the mold.



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