Shoe Karma

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I’m a big fan of the universe rewarding those who deserve it. I’m also a big fan of writing about things that no would believe happened. Thus the point of this post.

Let me start by saying that I love shoes. I seriously love them. I once saw a report about a woman who was a compulsive shoe shopper. She’d buy something like 10 pairs a week online. I’d never go that far. She was a little loopy. I think she also owned like 20 cats, so clearly she was overcompensating for something…

My love for shoes has led me to be a proud member of the DSW Rewards program. And, if you aren’t a member already, you should seriously consider joining. They aren’t paying me to say that (although they should). I joined haphazardly during a credit card binge in 2001 and didn’t realize I was rewarding myself for years to come. It costs nil to join and you get lots of really good coupons in the mail! For shoes!

The other good thing is that the coupons you get have expiration dates that are forever away, so you can tuck them under a magnet on your fridge and use them the next time you’ve got a little extra moolah. Unlike those damn Bed Bath and Beyond coupons that go out of style every 2 weeks, only to be replaced with the EXACT same coupon. WTF?

So, my little DSW coupon friend had been sitting under my shoe magnet (of course) for a month or so, when I felt the need to do some shopping.

Little did I know I was about to happen upon the sale of the century! Yesterday, on a quick lunch jaunt, I hopped on over to DSW (which is another reason why I love and hate my new office location… shopping is oh, so close). I love lunchtime shopping, mainly because the weekend crazies aren’t out. Weekend shopping is the worst. Everything’s been picked over and you can’t get decent service, lines at the cash wrap are ridick… I could go on and on. You weekend shoppers stick to weekends, K? K.

So, this little Ginger drops by DSW to find shoes for a sixties-themed party that’s coming up this weekend (photos will be posted, don’t worry). I picked up a penny (on heads) on my way in and declared this my lucky day. I headed directly to the clearance area. If you know DSW, then you know their clearance area rocks, because all the clearance items have colored stickers on them, which indicate how much MORE is being discounted from the clearance price. It’s like a fun scavenger hunt… for shoes.

Well, this week, they’ve added a new sticker… the Yellow sticker. And by new, I mean, when you go to reference the “sticker guide sign,” there’s no guide for what the yellow sticker means. IT’S THAT NEW.

Turns out, Yellow means 80% off of the clearance price. EIGHTY. In shoe world speak, that is Cray Cray!

I found the perfect pair of sixties-inspired shoes… with a yellow sticker, and since I was short on time, I didn’t bother with any further browsing. Just took my happy ass to the register. I use happy ass loosely here, because I had no idea at the time exactly how happy I was about to be.

Turns out, the shoes I had chosen were marked down EVEN further… and THEN the 80% discount was given. After handing her my $10 coupon, I heard a voice from the heavens say (wait for it)… “Your total is 1 cent.”

“I’m sorry. What is my total?”

“1 cent”

I leaned forward to stare at the cash register… “Really?”

“A Penny, yes”

So, I reached into my pocket, pulled out the little guy I had just found on the ground… and skipped all the way to my car.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is good shoe Karma. I don’t know what I’m being rewarded for, but I’ll take it!




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