Dreams (and Muscles) Deferred

I hear people sometimes say things like, “I’m not that creative,” or “I wish I could think of things like that.”

Creativity is a muscle. And, like any muscle, it must be used in order to get stronger.

I grew up interested in nothing but art and music. I was a conscientious person and I cared about excelling, so I did well in school. But I really only wanted to draw, write and sing. Which, explains why I never participated in any sports and also why I gained enough weight to ensure I wouldn’t have a date during my high school years. But, I digress…

As a result, I got really good at thinking outside the box, because I did it daily. That continued into college. My artistic muscle, per se, was super strong by then. And, although, I chose not to go into making art as a career, it was still something I relished in my spare time and I still obtained a degree in art.

Since my life has become more focused on my career, which I love, I haven’t exactly had time to exercise that muscle. And, as we all know, a muscle not used is a muscle left to waste.

Ask anyone who’s had a hiatus from the gym. That first day back sucks! You realize how much you lost by being gone. Your skills aren’t as fast and you definitely aren’t as strong, because your muscles have been weakened from lack of use.

So, what the hell am I getting at?

I miss painting. I miss creating. I miss having an abundance of time to come up with ideas and words and things that I absolutely have to get out there. When I was younger, I visited the home of an amazing watercolor artist. I remember her sunlit studio – It was huge, and the walls were lined with her paintings. I thought, heck yeah, if I had a place like this, I’d never leave! I vowed to have my own studio one day. But mine would also have a piano in it, and a computer, so that I could write, play AND paint. Since then, I’d like to add mini bar to that list, please.

That hasn’t happened… yet. But lately I’ve been missing the ability to do creative things more so than usual. And, living in 900sf of space doesn’t really allow for much. Neither does working crazy hours.

Enough with the excuses, though. That’s not my style. I’m the person who finds a way to do things, no matter what it takes. Relentless is my middle name. Dayle is just a pseudonym.

So, I’m carving out a teeny piece of my world for this urge. About 20sf out of 900, if you will. I refuse to lose one of the pieces of myself that made me who I was growing up and who I am today. I’m not letting it go,no matter how hectic life gets. I’m exercising that muscle, damnit!

Because it’s important to me. And, it’s something that doesn’t hinge on anyone else.

Find yours and do it too. Today.

I’ll leave you with some pics of art studios belonging to some familiar names:

Alexander Calder's Studio - Love that wall and the height of the ceilings

Alexander Calder’s Studio – Love that wall and the height of the ceilings

Lichtenstein's Studio

Lichtenstein’s Studio

Pollock's creative chaos

Pollock’s creative chaos

Picasso's Studio. Love the shorts! ;-)

Picasso’s Studio. Love the shorts! 😉

My favorite: Willem de Kooning's

My favorite: Willem de Kooning’s


* Photos courtesy of FlavorWire.com






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