Ireland Ramblings

Lately my mind has been consumed with the following: house reno ideas, planning the Ireland trip, how much I miss chocolate, reading about Ireland, spring fashion, and shopping for Ireland. There’s not much else floating around up there right now. I’m fairly useless, to say the least.

Ireland! (1280x853)

With the Ireland trip a mere 214 days away, I’ve been immersing myself in all things Irish: Guide books, movies, travel shows, works of Irish fiction, maps, photographs, you name it.

Trying to study up so that I’m not a complete moron when I get there. Here’s a list of some of the things occupying the Irish portion of my brain:


1. Rick Steve’s Ireland, 2013

2. Anthony Bourdain’s Layover in Dublin– Completely fabulous. I’ll be watching it again and taking notes.

3. The Wicklow Lighthouse, which is a potential accommodation for our first few nights:



4. All things Oscar Wilde & James Joyce – Apparently, the entire first half of 2013 will be spent reading only Irish books/authors.

5.  Harp & Smithwick (pronounced”Smiddick”) beers… just in case I end up hating Guinness:


6. Boots for the trip. These beauties are currently en route to me. Waterproof and walkable:



7. Searching for rain gear for the trip,

8. And, any and all Movies filmed in Ireland


I’m sure I could keep going. Combine the above homework list with the disbelief and thrill that I’m actually going, and I start to feel like I may explode with excitement. Not many people can say they flew first class to Ireland, spent three weeks there AND stayed in a CASTLE!!!

Ok, enough. Time to go back to missing chocolate… (23 days left). 😉




Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!