40 Days and Nights

I have three vices. Sugar Free Red Bull, dark chocolate and red wine (preferably, a deep, dark Zinfandel, with lots of personality… Yum). While, I’ve been eating Paleo for 7 months now, I haven’t really given up those vices, mainly because I’m fearful they would affect my sanity. Giving up Peanut Butter was hard enough! I’m not sure I’m ready for round 2 of withdrawals.

Ready or not, here they come. We’re partaking in a 40 day pure Paleo Transformation Challenge at my gym to improve performance (or shed weight, depending on goals).

I have 35 days left and I’m about to pull my hair out. You don’t really realize how much you love and miss something until it’s gone. RIP Patrick Swayze.


For the record, I’m not doing this to lose weight. I weigh a buck twenty. I’m cool with that. I’ve got two goals driving this thing:

  1. Six pack abs
  2. Increased strength at the gym

If anyone’s seen my bucket list, you know that the abs are on it! This is my chance. 7 months of Crossfit and Paleo have finally given me what resembles a 4 pack. It’s time to win one for the Gipper!

Not my abs... not yet!

Not my abs… not yet!

I get asked about Paleo a lot. I’m not a nutritionist or doctor. I don’t claim to be. I’m a Realtor by day and free spirit by night. One of the websites I found extremely helpful is: Everyday Paleo. Sarah does a great job of illustrating how to transition the Paleo diet into everyday life (with kids!). The recipes are great! Check out her books, as well.


In a nutshell, Paleo is: real food – meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, healthy oils, nuts and seeds. You can gain a better concept by visiting www.whole9life.com

A lot of people confuse it with the South Beach Diet. And, while it is similar, dairy is not included in the Paleo lifestyle. Neither are grains. Fruit is allowed, which is something the South Beach diet tends to minimize. Plus, with Paleo, you don’t have to go through that intense 2 week Phase 1 crap that South Beach touts.


For us, transitioning our kitchen into a Paleo friendly environment was fairly easy. We already didn’t keep grains in the house. Getting rid of cheese was really the only thing left. And, when we’re not on a crazy 40 day extreme Paleo period, we typically allow Sundays to be our “cheat days”: days where we can eat something that we’ve been craving (Mexican food!)… without going too overboard or feeling guilty.


Someone asked me how long I’d do the Paleo “thing”. I actually find that funny. It doesn’t feel like a diet. I mean, hell, I’ve been on it for 7 months and haven’t complained (until now, for obvious reasons). I love it because you can tweak it how you want, whether super extreme and clean, or “Paleo Plus”. If new to all of this, try eating 90% Paleo, which is what I consider our typical diet, due to the cheat allowance.

I don’t plan on stopping. It’s a way of life for us and it works. For me, it makes a huge difference in energy levels, weight and even affects my skin, in a good way!


And, as much as I don’t want to admit it, I’m kind of hoping that the Sugar Free Red Bull stays out of my life after this cleanse. The dark chocolate and wine, on the other hand…



Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!