It’s Not Easy Being Green

When we bought our first house, we also bought a green channel back chair. I say “we”, but I’m pretty sure that the 2nd person in that phrase would deny ever having anything to do with that chair. From day one, he wanted it gone. And I get it  – not everyone is a fan of thrifted furniture. Not everyone loves green.

I’m a Ginger and it’s pretty much our favorite color. Plus, I was convinced that this chair found me, not the other way around. There was absolutely no way I was giving it up. So, it traveled with us for 6 years every time we’d move. It went by the name “The Green Chair,” and friends and family grew to know and love it. Sadie even liked it.

Buying our new house recently, I promised myself that I would have it re-upholstered.

And I’m not gonna lie. The finished product was well worth the wait. I’m glad I kept that thing around! Even though he won’t admit it, my better half is too. 😉

Here’s what it looked like before:

Disregard the lunatic making faces at the camera.


And here’s the after:

Hello, Happier Chair!


More photos of the new house coming soon. Anyone up for ripping out carpet and refinishing 60 year old hardwood floors?

Happy Weekend, Weekenders!


Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!