Quite a bit to be thankful for lately. For one, we finally paid off the last of our vehicles. All that’s left is a measly student loan. So close to being debt free, I can taste it! It tastes like a warm chocolate brownie (no nuts) with vanilla ice cream on top and drizzled in hot fudge and caramel.

Here are a few more moments worth relishing…

New Light Fixture for the Bathroom Remodel:

image courtesy of Pottery Barn

Discovering that we have Morning Glories at the new house!:

Wedding dress shopping with my sister:

Gorgeous Detail! Wedding’s not until June of next year, so I can’t reveal too much!

Visiting the Norman Rockwell Exhibit at the Birmingham Museum of Art:

And a fantastic Apple Brownie Cheesecake for my cheat day that did not disappoint!

Gorgeous, right?!


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