New Subscription Widget

Just a quick post to go over the new subscription widget (and mainly just see how many times I can use the word ‘widget’ in a post). I’ve replaced the old widget with a new one…

If you are a current subscriber, you will need to complete the form in the column to the right in order to continue receiving emailed updates. The old subscription panel/plug-in was giving me issues and will be deactivated this week.

If you are NOT a current subscriber, well, then why the heck not?! Please do what all of the cool kids are doing and become one by completing the “Subscribe to Receive A Few Extra Limes” form to your right —->

Many happy returns! …. Widget! 🙂


  1. Question….how did you get that widget on your blog? I can only find the email one to add to mine….can you please give me whatever info I need to make mine the way yours in on the side if you don’t mind. I see everyone has theirs like this but me:(

    • tamihallman

      If you are using the wordpress domain, instead of a custom domain, I believe you’ll need to search the plug-in’s to find it. The 2 plug-ins I use are the Subscribe2 plug-in and WordPress Jetpack. Both contain subscription options. Once those are activated on your site, you can play with the “Appearance” by moving the widgets into your right menu bar. I moved from the wordpress domain to my own domain a year ago, so my memory on the former may be a little rusty! It took a lot of playing around with it to get it right, AND I still don’t have it where I want it, but am making progress!

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