Rubber Duckies and Renovations

One of the most fun things about buying an older home is getting to dream up changes for it. One of the least fun things about buying an older home is discovering that the “fun” changes have to go on the back burner, because there are actual necessary changes needed.

Insert rotten floor in the ONLY bathroom in the house here, along with dramatic music and lots of shaking fists, stomping and a few tears (no more than 3).

Most people would be irritated and completely depressed.

Not me.

Not only did I find a legit contractor to handle it in 2 weeks, I found one who can do it under budget. MAN, I am good!


That being said, we have the ability to use the bathroom for a month or so without falling through the floor. After that, if we find ourselves peeing in the crawl space, it’s nobody’s fault, except our own.


Guess it’s time to plan that 2 week vacation that I really needed… I’ll take suggestions as to where I should go starting now.


Here’s what the bathroom currently looks like:


Uninspiring, right?


And what I want it to look like when we finish:


Where can I get an ocean to put in my backyard? (image courtesy of



Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!