Instant Gratification Takes Too Long

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We live in a world of quick fixes:

New diet pills promising to help you lose 20 lbs in a week (while only worrying about such side affects as cancer, stroke, seizures and death). “Man, it was a shame about Betty Lou. But did you see how fabulous she looked in that open casket??”

Get rich quick schemes that “only” require a portion of your 401K and your first-born.

What’s so bad about doing things the hard way? What’s the problem with developing a systematic approach that has been proven to yield results and maintain those results?

I work in a field where pleasing clients becomes tougher every day because they’ve either heard about some scam that will get their home sold within a matter of seconds, they’ve had friends who have lucked out and timed the market perfectly,yielding the results they wish they had, or they are just plain impatient.

Whatever the reason, I’d like to tell anyone who is considering losing weight, making money or selling their home…

Please. Remain Calm. Stay Focused. Keep the Course. Remain Calm!

The world will not end if you don’t lose 20 lbs this week. It also won’t end if you don’t bring home $10,000. And, if by chance, average days on market in your area is 200 days, you won’t die as a result of having your home listed for longer than a month.

There’s a certain joy to be found in enjoying the ride. I want a six-pack like nobody’s business. It’s actually on my Bucket List. Yep. That bad. However, it’s taken me almost 3 months of Crossfit to even begin to see portions of a 4 pack… And it has NOT been easy (remember, that 170 lb fat girl still lives and breathes inside me).

I’m enjoying the ride and the process of bettering my body. Enjoying the small milestones I make at the gym (Hello 65 lb Thruster!) and the people I get to spend my time with there.

Same thing with making money. If your goal is to have six figures in the bank (see Bucket List Item#44), enjoy the process of learning how to manage that money. There’s a reason most lottery winners file for bankruptcy within 5 years of winning it… they never learned how to manage large funds.

And, if your goal is to sell your home in record time, you’re going to need to under-price it…. or Price it fairly, market it well and have it in top-notch condition and wait 200 days (if that’s the average DOM) to yield a fair return.

It’s all relative. Enjoy the ride. I challenge you to wake up tomorrow, not feeling like you’d rather be someone else or somewhere else, but learning as much as you possibly can out of that one day and making steady progress towards your goals.

Overnight sensations are over-rated, anyway. Britney Spears… Case in Point.



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