As of Late

Today, I woke up my usual groggy self and somehow made it from the bed to the shower. I can’t really remember the parts before, after or in between. However, halfway through my shower, I realized it was Friday. And not just any Friday, but a Friday that falls before a Saturday with absolutely no appts or work to be done. I could cry I’m so happy.


With moving (we bought a “new” old house) and shaking and more moving and work and play and gym time, there hasn’t been much time to stop and smell the roses.  No commitments tomorrow means not only can I stop and smell the roses, but I can pick a couple and scurry off before the property owner notices I am there.


The college I went to had these amazing rose gardens. Picking them was a punishable offense, so no one ever did. However, when the gardeners came to prune the roses, I would make it a point to stop by and ask for a few. Timing is everything, my friends. Don’t ever let someone tell you something can’t be done. Timing plus motivation equals fresh roses in your dorm room weekly.


Anyway, recently we visited Atlanta and stayed in the Midtown area, which has nothing to do with roses, and everything to do with what I’ve been up to. Just a quick jaunt from Birmingham to celebrate a friend’s birthday and see some baseball. Atlanta reminds me of Los Angeles and makes me miss living in such a large city. The Midtown area was filled with art museums and store fronts. Oh, and food. I forgot what living in a city that has 24 hr access to something other than fast food felt like. Hello chocolate pie at midnight!

For those of you wondering, the chocolate pie was part of my once weekly derailment from Paleo. And it was delicious.


Amazingly good seats for the Braves/Mets game!

Cheat night at the ball park 😉

Fun People to hang with. Happy Birthday Matt!

Gorgeous church on our walk the next day

I couldn’t get enough of those doors. Beautiful.

Giant sculptures in the middle of the city. Loved it!


I didn’t realize how convenient Atlanta is for a quick getaway. Must get back there, and soon!





Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!