Belize Part 2

Trying to remember every part of this trip has been extremely difficult. With no cell phone, I haven’t had the opportunity to type up “quick reminders” or “blog notes” the way that I usually do. After only one day, I was having trouble keeping all of the amazing experiences and details together in my head. And I really wanted to be able to put them all into a tiny package for everyone else to read.


I mainly wanted to write them down so that I wouldn’t forget; Revisit them in the future and remember what an amazing trip this was. That’s probably why I haven’t done much shopping here. I don’t consider cheesy souvenirs to be of any value. The real value is in the memories: the photos, the stories and the people. Let’s face it, a ship in a bottle doesn’t compare to a story about a man that claims to have “put the ship in the bottle”. His name was Tony and he called me “Honey Bunny”.


Our resort houses a tiny coffee shop. The owners of that tiny coffee shop are 2 twenty (or thirty)-something sisters from Minnesota. Curious, I asked them how they wound up in Belize. One met her husband here while on vacation over 8 years ago. The other has only been in San Pedro for a year and a half, but lives here with her children and loves it. They live on Ambergris Caye, slightly north of our resort. And both still have thick Minnesota accents.


Aside from the cool “How’d You Get Here”story, their homemade pastries were ridiculously good.

Raspberrry Nutella Bread Pudding and Cranberry Scone – STILL WARM!!!

Combine those with waking up to this view everyday and you can stick a fork in me:


More to come…


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