Failing Forward

I’m not afraid of failure. That’s why I’m constantly trying new recipes, telling new jokes and turning in never-before-attempted karaoke choices. When I first got into real estate, I had a man I disliked very much tell me that I needed a thicker skin (this after he made me cry) if I was going to make it in this business. As much as I hate to credit him with being right, he was and is.

My job is to help others achieve their goals. Some days I feel like Superman, Catwoman, Wonder Woman and others I feel more helpless than my 6 lb Chihuahua. I like the Wonder Woman days – and not just because of the cute outfit.

I pride myself with being relentless and hitting almost every goal I set. So, on those rare occasions when I don’t succeed, I have to remind myself of the truth:


The truth is, if we all do the best we can… If we give 100%… if we ruthlessly pursue any goal with all that we’ve got…


We can’t carry the blame if it doesn’t come to fruition. We can’t completely abuse ourselves if it fails. We can’t lock ourselves in a bathroom, eat a dozen raw cookies or drown in a bottle of wine. Well, technically we can, but it’s not productive and after a while the cookie dough makes you nauseous.


To be honest, if we did everything we could and completely gave every effort we had in us…


And it still failed…


It probably wasn’t meant to be.


And, it probably had nothing to do with us.

There are things far stronger than we’ll ever be, my friends. Learn from each experience and move on.


That being said, I’ll freely give you the following truths to save you time and heartache:

1. You can’t prevent every short sale from going into foreclosure.

2. Not every client wants you as their Realtor. Some are dumbasses and are better left alone.

3. Not all recipes are great. Some are just “meh”.

4. And “Try a Little Tenderness” does NOT go over as well on a karaoke stage as it does when you are alone in your car.

That being said… Fail forward as much as possible. You’ll learn much more than I could ever teach you. 😉

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!