Crusty, Rusty & Fred

A few years ago we started the process of working on Bucket List Item #17. It has not been an easy one. I’m a big fan of shopping… In fact, it’s kind of a hobby. And putting limitations on that hobby hasn’t been the most fun. However, I’m one of the most goal-oriented people I know, and I will work harder for that carrot dangling in front of me than most AND I’ll find a way to get it. Over the last 2 years, we’ve paid off $35,000 worth of consumer debt.


That’s kind of a big deal.


2 weeks ago we killed the last of our credit cards: The infamous college credit card. It got me through finals, pledging my sorority & weekend parties. I’ve known it longer than I’ve known some of my current friends. Good bye BofA Visa. We had some good times.


I keep the remaining debt numbers where I can see them – printed in giant font on my fridge. We are 3 student loans away from being debt free.


I’ve fondly named our last pieces of debt Crusty, Rusty and Fred. Crusty and Rusty got the husband his fancy History degree and more frat parties than I can count. Fred got me a trip to Cali, a husband and a degree in Art.


My goal for the remainder of the year is to pay off the trio.




Lofty? Yes. But then again, remember you’re talking to someone who lives outside the box. Lofty is my middle name. Or is it Softy?

How much is left?


It’s not a small number (unless you consider $35K+ to be small). But I’m determined and slightly stubborn.

And I’m convinced it can be done.


In honor of that belief, I think we’ll have carrots for dinner tonight.



  1. LOL! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Good luck!!!!! I am right there with you! Two more to go then we are DONE!!!!!

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