Every once in a while, life comes along and knocks you on your arse. I don’t do sick very often. However, on those rare occasions when I do get sick, my world freezes and I immediately revert to fragile, whiny, child mode. I’m a complaining, cranky fool (praying the whole time that these moments don’t count against me). Thank God for husbands who put up with that!

When I’m sick, I feel like time stops for me, but speeds up outside my tiny bubble. SO, by the time I’m ready to resume my regularly scheduled programming, the series has been canceled, or I’m so far behind on the plot lines, that I find it impossible to jump right back in.

Today was my semi-pathetic attempt at jumping back in. I already feel like I need a nap. However, it’s Friday, damnit, and I’m determined to get at least one good full day’s worth of work in this week!

Below are a few of the pockets I’ve been replaying in my mind while sick:


Walks down Morris Avenue



Marc Broussard at WorkPlay –

Taking my shoes off and dancing was a must.


Candle holders from Urban Outfitters –

And my sister’s engagement –

Congrats Kelly & Stan!


With my better half camping this weekend, I plan on spending a large majority of time in my pj’s and remembering what it’s like to hold the tv remote. I still get my Netflix the old school way and I’ve got Moonstruck & Mermaids waiting at home. Looking forward to vegging out and indulging in a little Cher and pre-klepto Winona Ryder.

Happy Weekend, Weekenders!



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