I’m Not an Addict

A little over a year ago we got rid of our dish tv provider. After 3 months of mourning the loss of my DVR’d archives (which included a Barbra Streisand special on Oprah, a lot of Tosh.O, unwatched SNL and about 30 episodes of Flip This House), I finally sucked it up and decided to move on. It was not easy and I don’t wish it upon anyone. At the time, it was part of an extreme attempt to cut expenses and really focus on saving money, being more active and just having more meaning to our lives outside of what buying frivolous things and brain melting reality shows could provide.


Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have my Dish Network back…

However, I do enjoy the time I now get to spend with my better half at night.

We have regular television now (Gasp!), which includes about 5 channels, one of which plays either local church services or high school football nonstop. And, there are nights when there is absolutely nothing worth watching.

Most people would go crazy. However, we do the unthinkable: turn off the television, turn on some music and just…


Crazy, right? Maybe slightly, but totally worth it. I’ve learned more about him in the last year than I did the 2 previous years combined.


Evenings are more focused on cooking, spending time together, working out or reading; A.k.a. Things that television tries to eat out of our lives.


Granted, I still watch the Bachelor religiously, and he can’t miss an episode of NCIS… But I’ve come to realize that sometimes my life is better than anything I could Tivo. I don’t need TV to babysit me or destroy enormous amounts of my time… Time is too important to me now. And I’ve learned that the less I know about who’s got their own reality TV show, the better.


P.S. If anyone has any seasons of The Rachel Zoe Project, Project Runway or

Flipping Out on DVD that they’d like to lend me, message me here!



  1. Sometimes I regret having a tv at all due to the lack of time we spend together away from it or work. Other times, however, I wonder how I could ever do without.

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