Napa & Mendocino & Monterey, Oh My! Part 2

After visiting Napa, I was fairly certain I couldn’t get any happier. So much fabulosity in one place makes Tami a very happy girl.


I was wrong.


There was a point during the drive to Mendocino, when I looked out the window at what, I’m certain is the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen, and had to take a moment. So stinking gorgeous!


I could attempt to describe it, but I’d rather go the cliche route and let the pictures do the talkin’:



The whole point of this vacation was to knock Item #15 off my Bucket List (and yes, maybe relax for a bit). Get your Sharpies out folks and start marking… Sea Glass Beach has officially been seen:



MAN, I love the feeling that marking something off that list brings!

**A quick note about the Sea Glass Beach: Over time, the glass has been taken by tourists and souvenir shop owners. What once was a plethora of large glass stones is now a sparse amount of pebbles. If you plan on seeing this, my advice is to go soon before it’s gone. And, if you’d like to help replenish and restore it, sign this petition and visit the Sea Glass Museum while you are there to learn more.



  1. Your photos are gorgeous!! If you ever get tired of Real Estate (which I doubt) you have a new career!!

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