Weekend Wrap Up

After Friday’s post, it was fitting that I ended up spending 4 hours at my niece and nephew’s birthday party on Saturday. Being the only adult without children at a kid’s birthday party is a role that I’ll gladly assume. It means I can pretty much get away with anything AND I’m not really expected to keep the kids in line. I can look over, see a toddler dangling for dear life on the monkey bars, and just turn and walk away while 3 parents rush to his rescue. How am I supposed to know that isn’t safe? I don’t have kids! See people, ignorance really is bliss.


Even more perfect is that I am the only adult to get a goody bag upon leaving, mostly because the parents feel sorry for me… Smartees, anyone? (Who do I need to talk to about my kazoo not working?)


The party was filled with what kids do best: running, falling, crying, getting back up, running, drinking lots of Capri Suns and popping balloons with their hands, feet and teeth. There were only 2 sets of tears and no vomiting:

Note the child passed out behind them...

Adorable, right?

Cookie cake is, by far, THE best birthday cake decision.


Sunday started with a long run. We had intentions of doing 8, but ended up with only 7 miles… someone, whom I love very much, seems to have developed a trick knee. Not sure how this is going to affect his training.


The weekend ended with an impromptu sunset grilling at my sister’s to celebrate the arrival of her horses. My sister bought a gorgeous piece of property and moved to Alabama a little over a year ago. Up until this past Saturday, the horses she owns remained boarded in California. Their arrival deserved a celebration. I wonder if horses experience the same culture shock humans do upon being plucked out of their environment and planted in different soil?


Serenity Now!

Sorry, I had to.


Today, all signs point to a much-needed, LONG vacation. California or bust! 2 weeks of wine tastings, weddings, driving down the coastline, finally completing item #15 on my Bucket List, seeing friends I haven’t seen in years, visiting with family and only turning on my cell phone when I want to. I get giddy just thinking about it!


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  1. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! The older my kids get the closer I get to getting to experience life like you do:) LOLOLOLOL!!!! You keep my laughing and MOSTLY you keep me enthused about like!!!!! Keep it up!!! Enjoy your vacation, that is on MY bucket list of places to vacay:) One day……(sighs).

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