New Music on a Tuesday

I stumbled upon Sonia Leigh this year when I went to see Marc Broussard at WorkPlay. If you are a music lover, like myself, every now and then you discover an artist who just knocks your socks off. And while I wasn’t wearing socks at the time… if I had been, they’d have been sent flying across the room!

I’m a big believer in lyrics. The right lyrics can convert any audience. And lyrics should be something that jumps off the stage and slaps your audience silly. If my toes are already tapping when that happens, consider me happy.

If Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan had a baby in Alabama and exposed it to a little Johnny Cash, Sonia Leigh would be that love child.


Her sound is something we haven’t heard in a few years and I’m thinking she’s exactly what we all need.


After hearing her at WorkPlay, I went home and downloaded all of her material the next day. And I’m not going to lie… She pretty much rode shotgun in my MINI Cooper for the next few months. Personal favorites include: “Bar“, “1978 December“, “Black Rubberbands” and perhaps THE song of my year: “Poem From the Ocean Floor” (or “the underwater song” as my husband like sto refer to it).


She’s in town this Saturday night at WorkPlay and tickets are insanely reasonable. If you don’t have plans, run don’t walk to your nearest computer and order your tix. Her new album also hit iTunes this morning, so there’s that option as well.


You won’t be disappointed. She’s my new musical hero. And, she’s an Alabama native…

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!