Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was like a carousel of fun (that went 90 miles an hour and had no minimum height requirements). I feel a little dizzy after riding it so many times, but MAN, it was entertaining! Since my Friday appointments were canceled, I guess my weekend technically started on Thursday night. Highlights are as follows:


Celebrating my grandmother’s birthday at The Fish Market:

Love her!


Wedding reception with lots of family & food at one of my favorite places:

A crazy football party that I’m still trying to piece together:

And Vulcan AfterTunes with Will Hoge & Patrick Davis to cap it off! Great setting and perfect weather:

I love my city.


Throwing myself back into reality this morning with a 7 mile run and lots of appointments. I’ve got more craziness lined up for next weekend and I kind of can’t wait. Someone asked me on Friday if I ever slow down. I didn’t throw the generic “I can rest when I’m dead” phrase back at him. Instead, I thought about it for a few and answered… Every once in a while I’m ok with missing the fun. Thank God those moments are few and far between!


Happy Monday! Just a little over a month until Halloween… I’m 85.875% certain I know what my costume is. What about you?

Thoughts? I'd love to hear them!